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Why Choose Hamsters as Pets?

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Among other small animals, hamsters are one of the most popular pets. They became popular because they are manageable and easily tamed. Here are the reasons for you to be more motivated in raising a pet hamster.  Self-Manager  Some animals get aggressive when there are guests at your house. Like dogs that bark and jump when there […]

General Guidelines In Feeding Your Hamsters

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We commonly see hamsters with cheeks full but still, we want to provide them with more food. Even though they do not finish the food in their mouth directly, it is important to avoid overfeeding our hamsters. Hamsters can eat diverse foods, but in most cases, they only need dry foods, fresh fruits, and vegetables. […]

7 Considerations Before Petting a Hamster

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Do you find hamsters as ideal pets? Of course, they are. However, before you acquire one, make sure you educate yourself about a few important things that would help make the hamster’s stay with you a comfortable and safe one. Below are a few considerations to keep in mind before petting a hamster: 1. Environmental […]

How to Live in Peace in a Multi-Species Household

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You could probably say that you are living in a zoo because you have a lot of pets at home. You have cats in one corner sleeping in a cat scratching tree. In another corner, you have your pet birds. In one room, your canine buddies are trying to catch their tails. However, no matter how […]

4 Cool Reasons Why Guinea Pigs Are Great Pets

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Guinea pigs are cute little creatures that are very lovable by all ages. Aside from the fact that they are cute to look at when they are in their guinea pig cages, they also have other very cool reasons that make them great pets for everybody. 1. Friendly Personality First reason why guinea pigs are […]

7 Common Guinea Pig Behaviours, Explained

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Guinea pigs are cute and lovable little creatures that are a very popular pet to children but also to some adults. They can be friendly or sometimes mischievous depending on their personality. Their behaviors towards you or another guinea pig have meaning to it. You might be able to observe any of these behavior if […]

The Signs of Pain in Small Pets You Must Watch Out For

One question every pet owner has is, “Is my pet feeling any pain?”. Though it is difficult to answer, sometimes our pets show signs that they are in pain. If only our pets can talk, then they can tell us what is wrong, but as the pet owner we are responsible for their health and […]

A Basic Guide to Guinea Pig Breeding

Guinea pig owners have different reasons why they want to breed their guinea pigs. Some pet owners want to sell the guinea pig babies for their profits. While some pet owners just want to have more pets to take care. And others might want to share the baby guinea pigs to some of their friends […]

7 Guinea Pig FAQs to Learn From

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Many people who don’t own a guinea pig or even those who even have guinea pigs at home usually have questions regarding about the guinea pigs. Here are some of the most commonly asked questions people usually ask. 1. Is it true that guinea pigs are good starter pets for children? Not only that the […]

What To Do When Your Little Pets Are Missing

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Hamsters, rats, mice and guinea pigs are very popular pets for everybody for many reasons. The first reason and what people usually look for is that they are very adorable and cute. The second reason is that they are small and are the perfect pets for people who can’t own big pets like dogs and […]