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The Signs of Pain in Small Pets You Must Watch Out For

One question every pet owner has is, “Is my pet feeling any pain?”. Though it is difficult to answer, sometimes our pets show signs that they are in pain. If only our pets can talk, then they can tell us what is wrong, but as the pet owner we are responsible for their health and […]

7 Guinea Pig FAQs to Learn From

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Many people who don’t own a guinea pig or even those who even have guinea pigs at home usually have questions regarding about the guinea pigs. Here are some of the most commonly asked questions people usually ask. 1. Is it true that guinea pigs are good starter pets for children? Not only that the […]

Guinea Pig Facts You Haven’t Heard Of

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Guinea pigs are great pets. However, you can’t just take care of them without knowing what they do or how they behave. From the expected life expectancy to the characteristics and behavior of these cavies, here are some interesting facts about guinea pigs you might not have heard of. 1. Guinea pigs have a long […]

The Different Types of Guinea Pig Cages

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Many pet owners think that it is completely fine to house a guinea pig in an aquarium because it is the typical scenario. Though it is acceptable at times, there are instances when this does not do any good as certain types of guinea pig cages don’t actually provide enough space for your furry buddies. […]

Guinea Pig Care and Maintenance Guide

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Guinea pigs are viewed by people as ideal pets for children. But actually, they too can be excellent pals for adults. Although they are relatively smaller than any other domesticated pets, they still need the same things, such as human interaction, affection, food, veterinary care, and shelter. And whether or not you are planning to […]

Guinea Pig Cages Cleaning Tips and Hacks

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Compared to other smaller animals, guinea pigs have a longer life span. So, it is no longer questionable why they are opted by many as house pets. But then again, just like any other pets, they also need to live in a clean, safe, and healthy environment in order to survive. Having said that, it […]

Ultimate List of All Guinea Pig Breeds

Are you looking forward to having some cute and cuddly pets around? You may want to consider choosing from some guinea pig cages, lettuce varieties and of course, a fluffy little guinea pig (or two). They are available in various types in terms of colours, size, and temperament. Abyssinian Common Breed Names: Abyssinian Alternative Breed […]

Top 50 Guinea Pigs Facts

TOP 50 Guinea Pigs FACTS 1 #DidYouKnow? GUINEA PIGS should never been in direct sun light, always provide shade if they are always situated outside. 2 #DidYouKnow? GUINEA PIGS have the ability to develop social relationships with people and even other animal species. 3 #DidYouKnow? GUINEA PIGS have a great sense of smell, hearing and […]