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Amazing Guinea Pig Facts for Kids, Learning and Caring

Amazing Guinea Pig Facts

HEALTH  |  BEHAVIOUR  |  SOCIAL  | SUPER POWERS  | DIET  | CARING  |  HABITAT  |  LIFESTYLE  |  INTERESTING Many people who don’t own a guinea pig or even those who even have guinea pigs at home usually have questions regarding about the guinea pigs. Here are some of the most commonly asked questions people usually […]

7 Common Guinea Pig Behaviours, Explained

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Guinea pigs are cute and lovable little creatures that are a very popular pet to children but also to some adults. They can be friendly or sometimes mischievous depending on their personality. Their behaviors towards you or another guinea pig have meaning to it. You might be able to observe any of these behavior if […]

A Basic Guide to Guinea Pig Breeding

Guinea pig owners have different reasons why they want to breed their guinea pigs. Some pet owners want to sell the guinea pig babies for their profits. While some pet owners just want to have more pets to take care. And others might want to share the baby guinea pigs to some of their friends […]

7 Handy Tips When Traveling with Guinea Pigs

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Do you like to travel? Or there is some place you need to go, but you have some pet guinea pigs that needs to be taken care of. Whatever the reason is, whether it is for personal fun or a family vacation or even some other emergencies that you need to take care of. You […]

The Different Types of Guinea Pig Cages

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Many pet owners think that it is completely fine to house a guinea pig in an aquarium because it is the typical scenario. Though it is acceptable at times, there are instances when this does not do any good as certain types of guinea pig cages don’t actually provide enough space for your furry buddies. […]

Ultimate List of All Guinea Pig Breeds

Are you looking forward to having some cute and cuddly pets around? You may want to consider choosing from some guinea pig cages, lettuce varieties and of course, a fluffy little guinea pig (or two). They are available in various types in terms of colours, size, and temperament. Abyssinian Common Breed Names: AbyssinianAlternative Breed Names: […]