Tips on Puppy Proofing Your Own Yard

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Having a puppy or a lot of puppies is a very fun experience to have. They are very active and loves to play, especially playing outside your yard. But playing in your very own yard poses some dangers to your beloved little puppies. You may not know but there are some objects or plants that will bring harm to your puppies. Their safety must be your number one priority. And so, before anything happens to them, it is time to puppy proof your yard.

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Dangerous and Sharp Objects

Go and check your yard for small objects that your puppy might swallow. Any small thing or some sharp objects like a shovel or a pruning shear that has a sharp edge may cut or stab your curious puppy if not placed on a secure storage area. Just be sure to keep all your gardening tools properly secured and out of your puppy’s reach.

Keep your garbage bins and also your fertilizers if you have some in a place where your puppy can’t reach them. Or just keep the garbage bin tightly closed so that your puppy can’t scavenge your garbage and make a mess in your yard. The fertilizer or other chemical materials that you might use in your garden must be in a sealed or a proper storage too. You don’t want your puppy to chew on them for it poses hazards to the puppy’s health.


If your yard has no fence and is a very open space, then it is a good idea to put up some fence to enclose your whole lot. A dog playpen will do. It might be dangerous to the puppy if it wanders away from your place without you noticing that your puppy went out.  It is better to prevent that from happening and also it prevents unwanted visitors from going into your yard.

If you got a fence already then all you have to do is check your fences for some cracks or something broken in which your puppy can go and slip through. Also be sure to check the bottom of the fence in which your puppy might be able to dig through. Be sure to seal all those places so that your puppy won’t be able to get out or dig their way out. One thing to check too is for nails or any other sharp objects in the fence. You don’t want your puppy to get hurt.

Crawl Spaces

If your house is somewhat elevated and have a crawl space underneath it, then it is better to seal off or block the crawl space. Your puppy might crawl his way there and have a difficult time getting out.


Check your yard for wires, cords or any hoses that are just left around. Your puppy loves to chew on anything they find and those things are no exception. It is very dangerous especially if the wire has live electricity flowing on it just because you forgot about cleaning it up.


Yes, plants are no exception too in the puppy’s chewing madness. Some plants are harmful to the puppy’s health. It may be okay for you but some of them are poisonous to dogs or cats. Plants with thorns will definitely harm your puppy if it chews on them, so be sure to let your puppy stay away from them or block the puppy’s access on dangerous plants.

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At some point we might have seen some videos or clips over the internet about puppies chewing on something and feels not a single regret about it. Wood also is no exception to that. Dogs or puppies will definitely chew on wood whether it is your furniture or some logs in the fireplace or even the posts of your patio roof.

One way to keep them away from chewing away your precious wood is by applying some deterrent that will make them go away from that wood. You can find those deterrents from pet stores near you or if not you can order online.

If ever your puppy still scavenges some objects like sticks or digs around your yard or just showing off their bad behavior and still wants to go out, you can provide your puppy with a chew toy in which he will get busy on with. You can also play fetch with your puppy or teach him good tricks while disciplining him.

Another way is by building your puppy his very own sandbox in which he can dig to his content. With proper training, your puppy won’t have to dig on places you don’t want him digging.

Final Thoughts

Most of the time your puppy is very active. One way to minimize his activeness in your yard is by giving him plenty of exercise. You can also play with him as long as you don’t get tired. Or let your whole family play with your puppy until he gets tired. When the puppy is tired, he will ignore all other activities like chewing on something or running or even digging around your yard.

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