5 Things to Do at Home With Your Pets During Christmas

If you are that type of person who just wants to spend the Christmas season at home with your beloved pets, then you’re in luck because we will be talking about fun stuff to do together with your pet at home.

While most people wants to travel far or go some place where they have been planning the whole year with their family or special loved one, some people just want to stay at the comfort of their own home and relax together with their family or even their pets. But that doesn’t mean there’s no fun things to do at home. In fact there are a lot of things to do at your home or even some place just near your house. Avoiding the holiday rush is one of the reasons people just want to stay at home.

1. Fun Photo Shoot

Christmas with pets, activities for pets

One of the fun things to do during Christmas with your pet at home is by taking festive photos. Aside from taking pictures with your family and friends, don’t forget to take a lot of photos with your pet as well. Whether they wear a costume or you wear a costume or both of you wear costumes, it will be fun to look at and share on social media. Having an album to will make everything easier to browse. You can also print out the photos you have taken and make a scrapbook out of it. Or you can also post the printed photos on a post it board at home if you have them. If you want to share the photos, you can make them into a Christmas card and share them with your family and friends. Save up the photos too for the next upcoming Christmas to make it as decorations.

2. Christmas Walks

Christmas with pets, activities for pets

If you have a dog at home, then staying at home is not enough for your dog. Your dog will want to have a walk around the block or at the park. Have fun walks wherever you take your dog on a normal day. If it is cold and chilly at your area and your dog wants a walk or you want to walk your dog, it is best to keep your dog warm by letting him wear a dog coat. Just remember to keep him warm enough. Walking around will sure burn all those unwanted calories that your dog gained and also those unwanted calories that you have gained with all those foods you have eaten during the holiday.

3. Presents

Christmas with pets, activities for pets

Receiving a present from someone is a very nice thing that can happen to you during Christmas holiday. It can bring a smile to the one receiving the present and make the one who gives the gift happy and content as well. Giving a gift to your beloved pet, even the simplest dog house, will also make them happy and cheerful all through the Christmas and will also bring happiness and cheer to yourself.

One of the best thing you can also do is by letting your pet open their gifts. Some dogs will just dig through their gift if you allow them to. Cats may try to nibble on the gift as they try to open it too. Another thing you can do to make it more festive is by hanging a sock not only for you and your family but also for your pet. An extra sock for your pet wouldn’t hurt and it will even make the place more colorful.

4. Bake Some Christmas Themed Goodies

Christmas with pets, activities for pets

One of the best thing you can share your pets at home is treats. So why not bake those treats by yourself. There are a lot of cookies, cakes or cupcakes or anything that you can bake that is safe for you and your pet. Just research some recipes online that is safe to consume for your pet. You can even search for recipes that you can eat and is safe for your pet too. Whatever your preference is will do. After baking, you can try and decorate the cookies or cake that you have baked with some Christmas theme. No matter how bad you are at decorating, as long as you are having fun that is all that matters.

5. Play Outside in the Snow

Christmas with pets, activities for pets

If you are lucky enough to live in a place where it snows, then it will be very nice to play around outside the snow together with your pet. Most pets that see snow for the first time will definitely be surprised and confused about all the white stuff outside. But as they get used to it, it will be fun for them to play outside. Just be sure to keep them warm with their pet coats. It is important not to force your pets to play outside if they don’t want to. Just let them be for a while and let them explore the snow for the first time.

Christmas with pets, activities for pets

With all these things to do this Christmas season, I know it will be a fun and happy time for you and your family and also your pet. Merry Christmas to all and Happy Holidays.

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