7 Tips on Travelling with Pets on Holidays

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We have to admit that some people likes to travel on new places or even old places during holidays. While some other people  prefer to stay at the own comfort of their own home, some pet owners likes to travel during holidays, leaving them with a choice of either leaving their pets at home with some caretaker or bring their pets with them during their travel.

For those pet owners who prefer to bring their pets with them as they travel, it can be a fun experience but it can also be an experience full of small or even big problems. One thing you need keep in mind as you travel with your pets is their safety. Different places means different regulations depending on their policies. So in order to have a stress free travel with pets, here are some tips on hassle free travelling with pets.

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Vet Check up

Before travelling with your pet. It is important to have your pet checked up by the veterinarian. Your pet must be 100% healthy as it travels and the vet must approve of it too. It is also best to ask advice from the veterinarian if it is your first time travelling with pets.

Travelling Via Air

If you plan on travelling with your pet via air travel, one thing you need to do first is to research security policies of the airline and airport. The policies differ from every airline depending on their weight, season and your pet’s breed and many more. While some airlines allow pets inside the cabin, some airlines don’t and will require pet cages as you travel by air.

Travelling by air with pets can be a bit expensive too. Sometimes it can be more expensive than your own fare. So be sure to have enough money if you really want to bring your pet with you.

When the airline allows your pet to be in the cabin, there will be a quota on how many pets they allow on a cabin. It is better to book from 4 to 6 weeks ahead of time so that you will have a place for your pet inside the cabin.

Travelling Via Land

Planning to travel on land? Fear not for travelling via land with your own car is much more budget friendly than travelling via air. Though it may be simple at first, travelling via land can be a bit complicated if your pet does not behave. The most important thing to have when travelling by land is the pet’s cage. With this you can contain your pet without worrying about them and you can concentrate more on driving if you are the one driving. If you’re a passenger then it is your responsibility to keep everything in check especially the condition of your pet.

If you are planning to travel via public transport on land, be sure to research their policies too if they allow pets on board especially trains. Some trains require the pet to be stored in another car while some trains allows you to have your pet with you on the same cabin but within their cage or leash. The important thing is research ahead of time to avoid the troubles and to make things easy for you and your pet as you travel.

Travelling Via Sea

Travelling on a ship is somewhat just similar to travelling by land on a train. Just research ahead of time if there is a pet zone or a no pet zone on the ship you are riding. Though most ships accept normal pets to be with you as you travel, if you travel with exotic pets it may be different.

Pretty much that covers most of the concerns regarding travelling with pets either via air, land or sea. But before travelling, there are some things you need to prepare and bring as well, no matter how small the reason is and you think you need it for your pet, you must bring it with you. Here is a list of the things that you need if you are travelling with pets:

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Pet Identification

The most important document that you will need as you travel with you pet is their pet identification documents. While some pets will have some microchip embedded into them, it is also important to bring other physical documents just in case. Who knows that you might need them. It is better to be safe than sorry.


If you have a small pet then a cage is one way of containing your pet as you travel with them. But if you have a bigger pet like a big breed of dog, it is better to have a bigger dog cage or a leash strong enough to keep them behaved.

Treats and Toys

To keep your pet well behaved during the travel time, it is better to have lots of their favorite treats with you on hand. And don’t forget to bring with you their favorite toy to keep them occupied. The long trip may bore them so you can just let them play with their toys inside the cage or inside the cabin if they allow it.

Let us know what preparations you have done for your travel. Comment them below.

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