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Though often confused with a chicken coop or a chicken tractor, a chicken shed still has the same purpose, which is to offer protection for chooks against possible outdoor dangers. For chicken sheds that passed the strict standards of the pet supply industry, visit Coops and Cages. We have many different designs to offer you.


Delightful Chicken Runs for Your Yard

Chicken runs are an essential component of keeping chickens in your backyard. They provide a safe and secure outdoor space that allows hens to exercise, forage, dust-bathe and lay eggs while still being protected from predators.

A chicken run can be joined onto a chicken coop or can be used freestanding in your yard.

The run should be large enough to accommodate the size of your flock while also providing plenty of room for them to move around. 

Chicken Sheds In Backyard
Chickens In Backyard

Purpose of a Chicken Run

A chicken run is an enclosed area designed specifically to give chickens a safe environment to roam and explore in.

 The main purpose of these runs is to provide: Protection from predators, allow the birds to get some physical activity, provide access to fresh grass, keep them free from stressors in their environment, and stop them wandering too far away.

Chicken Inside Chicken Sheds
Blue Chicken Sheds

Considering Building a Chicken Run Yourself?

If you have lots of mesh wire and timber hanging in the garage and you feel like being creative then building a chicken run on your own could be a good idea. As long as you are equipped with DIY skills and have plenty of free time.

If you don’t already have spare materials, buying brand new timber can be much more expensive than buying a flatpack run. Also consider your time. If you are very busy with work, it can be much more time consuming to design and build a DIY chicken run.

Let us save you time and stress with our easy to assemble flatpack chicken runs!

Hens In Garden
Chicken Runs in Perth

Where to Find the Best Chook Runs

Coops and Cages is Australia’s leading online pet supply store. With lots of chook runs to choose from, customers have plenty of options!

Contact our team now to learn more what our store has to offer.

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Here are some of the testimonials we have received from our wonderful chicken owners!

Great Buy

"I did not have any problems in putting the coop together. It is also very cheap with Free shipping and customer support answers enquiries so quick. Great buy."

Excellent Coops

"A great product and well priced - I have seen it elsewhere and more then double Coops & Cages cost. Excellent for my back yard hens during the day. "

Great Purchase

"It’s a great purchase and best of all I was able to easily assemble it with the help of their staff and easy assembly guide."

Plenty of Room!

"I have 2 chooks and this coop is ideal for them. plenty of room to play and move around, easy to assemble. Definitely worth the money!

Couldn't be Happier

"Couldn't be happier with this enclosure. We have fit 5 non-laying chickens in here perfectly, thanks again for your help and support"

No Trouble Assembling

"My husband and I had no trouble in assembling it. It has plenty of room for our 3 chickens, I couldn't be happier. I would recommend buying it.


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