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Though often confused with a chicken coop or a chicken tractor, a chicken shed still has the same purpose, which is to offer protection for chooks against possible outdoor dangers. For chicken sheds that passed the strict standards of the pet supply industry, visit Coops and Cages. We have many different designs to offer you.

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Delightful Chicken Runs for Your Yard

When you say chicken sheds, people usually assume these are typical shelters used for housing hens. Though it is right in some cases, these enclosures also have other uses.

Not only do they protect the flock against the ever-changing weather conditions; they also serve as a haven for recreation and enjoyment.

Chicken sheds are often associated with hen houses, but there is a big difference between the two. While a hen house is designed specifically for hens with a definite roof and country house-like appearance, a chicken shed is the counterpart.

It does not have a specific design, size or particular shape. In fact, it can be easily constructed based on the preferences of the builder and the available materials. Still, their purposes are the same.

The Uses of Chicken Runs

A chicken shed protects and secures the flock in many ways. First of, it provides a safe and snug haven for chickens. Another use is that it plays a vital role in the egg-laying process to the development stages of chicks and hens.

And just like an ordinary chicken coop, a chicken shed offers shelter for the entire flock against the weather.

As the name suggests, it can serve as a shed for your birds at times when it is too hot or when it is raining. With all its uses, poultry farmers decide to install chicken sheds instead of chook houses.

Even if you don’t have hens, this does not mean you are not allowed to use a chicken shed. Again, depending on your personal preferences, you can get a shed that is most likely similar to the design you have in mind.

Chicken Sheds In Backyard
Chickens In Backyard

To Opt for a Ready-Made Chicken Run or Not?

If you are having a hard time deciding whether or not to get a ready-made, we’ll help you decide.

If you have lots of mesh wire and timber hanging in the garage and you feel like being creative and all, then building a chicken shed on your own might be a good idea. As long as you are equipped with DIY skills, you can create a chicken shed in no time.

Even if you do not know how to use a hammer or cut timber, it’s still not a problem. You can now find lots of how-to-guides online, so you can do things by yourself without much supervision.

But then again, if you are too busy with work, that you no longer have time to buy materials in the store, isn’t the solution obvious? Yes, purchase a ready-made one instead.

With a ready-made chicken shed, all you have to do is set it up in a few minutes and voila! Your birds now have a shelter that’ll protect them all day long.

However, let me warn you that not all chicken sheds are built the same. While some are affordable, the quality and the design might be compromised. So you might want to take it into serious consideration.

A Perfect Chicken Run for a Healthier Lifestyle

It is understandable that people could get busy that they no longer have enough time to eat and sleep right. They would rather settle on foods that are commercialized or processed because they are more accessible and fast to prepare.

If you only have chickens in a shed, you will never have to force yourself to eat processed foods again. You can simply visit your yard in the morning and collect the eggs your hens produced. 

Eggs from chooks raised in the backyard are excellent sources of protein. These are even cheaper alternatives to expensive organic food sold in the market.

Having a chicken shed in your yard also encourages you to exercise and live a healthy lifestyle. If you are wondering in what ways, okay I’ll tell you.

Well of course, you need to rise early to be able to feed your birds on time. And then, you have to clean their area and collect their eggs, if there are any.

As soon as the sun sets, you need to ensure they are all inside the shed so as not to entice predators from frightening them.

Although this would mean devoting more time and becoming more responsible, with this kind of routine, for sure, you’ll stay fit and healthy.

Chicken Inside Chicken Sheds
Blue Chicken Sheds

Great Savings with Chicken Runs!

It is normal to see less-priced chicken eggs in the supermarket. Conversely, do not be deceived by such bargains because these goods are sold at a significant profit margin.

In order to reduce costs and enjoy bigger savings, more and more people are considering the idea of buying chicken sheds for saleWith a chicken shed in your yard, you are saving your pocket from any unreasonable costs.

If you can’t consume all the eggs your hens produce in a day, wouldn’t it be great to sell them? Go around your neighborhood and ask whether they’re interested in purchasing eggs from you. By doing that, you’ll not just earn new friends, you’ll also earn back the amount of money you spent for chicken feed.

Wait! There’s more! Did you know that you don’t just get to harvest fresh eggs with chicken sheds? You also get to savor organic meat, well of course, if you decide to raise your flock for meat.

If you are not yet satisfied, seek recommendations from word-of-mouth or if the seller has a physical store, visit them to see for yourself.

Eventually, you’ll realize that finding chicken houses need not to be difficult. Rather, it is a fun and enjoyable activity, every poultry farmer would look forward to.

Hens In Garden
Chicken Runs in Perth

Where to Find the Best Chook Runs

Coops and Cages is Australia’s leading online pet supply store. With lots of chook sheds to choose from, customers will never run out of options.

We aren’t only after selling our products to make money. We only want to help our customers provide only the best for their flock.

Try us! Contact our team now to learn more what our store has to offer.

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"Couldn't be happier with this enclosure. We have fit 5 non-laying chickens in here perfectly, thanks again for your help and support"

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"My husband and I had no trouble in assembling it. It has plenty of room for our 3 chickens, I couldn't be happier. I would recommend buying it.


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