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At Coops and Cages, we understand that it is normal for cats to scratch. And to satisfy that natural urge, a cat scratching post should be used.

With a lot of different types of cat scratching posts to choose from, it can be difficult to choose the right one. However, by purchasing from Coops and Cages, you are making the best choice!

Save Your Furniture with Cat Scratching Posts and Trees

As any cat owner knows, cats love to scratch. It’s simply in their nature. And while you may love your feline friend, you probably don’t love seeing your furniture covered in claw marks. That’s where cat scratching posts come in.

Cat scratching posts serve several important purposes. First and foremost, they provide a safe outlet for your cat’s natural urge to scratch. Without a scratching post, your cat is likely to take out its claws on your furniture instead – and that can be quite costly to repair.

In addition, scratching posts help to keep your cat’s nails healthy and trim. And finally, they provide your cat with much-needed mental and physical stimulation – helping to keep them happy and healthy.

When choosing a scratching post for your cat, there are a few things to keep in mind:

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Choose a High Quality Cat Scratching Post

When it comes to choosing a scratching post for your cat, always opt for a high quality product. The last thing you want is for your feline friend to damage their claws on a poorly made post.

Always look at what materials are used. Sisal is a great material and is widely used in cat scratching poles throughout Australia. It is rough in texture and highly durable. Cats love to sink their claws into sisal, and it also helps them to leave behind their scent and mark their territory.

With a high quality scratching post, your cat can scratch to their heart’s content. A happy cat means a happy home!

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Consider the Size of Your Cat Scratching Post

Consider the height and length of your cat scratching post. Some cats love to climb their way up to the top of these posts, while others prefer to stay on the ground. If you are wondering why they are like that, the answer is it really depends on their age and breed.

For instance, if you have a young Bengal kitten, then it is recommended that you purchase the highest cat scratching pole you can find because she is active and loves to be up high.

On the other hand, if you have a mature Persian feline, a low post would be the best option since she is less active and more comfortable when near the ground.

Consider your cat’s needs when selecting a scratching post to ensure that they will use it and enjoy it.

Choose a Cat Scratching Post with Lots of Extra Features

When it comes to choosing a cat scratching post, it’s important to choose one that has lots of extra features. This is because cats love to play and explore, and a boring old scratching post just won’t cut it.

Coops and Cages have taken this into consideration. We have designed our products with added fun in mind!

Some of the extra features you can find on our cat scratching posts include caves, platforms, ladders, bells, hammocks, tunnels and hanging ropes. By choosing one of our cat scratching posts, you can be sure that you will be getting value for money and that your cat will be happy and content. Your feline friend will thank you for it!

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Look No Further Than Coops and Cages

At Coops and Cages, we pride ourselves on being experts in pet products. You can be confident that you are getting the best quality products at the best prices when you shop with us.

Our team is passionate about pets and providing top-notch customer service. We are always happy to answer any questions you may have about your pet’s needs.

When it comes to finding the perfect cat scratcher for your beloved pet, choose Coops and Cages – we’ll take care of the rest!

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Here are some of the testimonials we have received from our wonderful cat owners!

Best Buy

"This is one of my best buys for the year. Really love how my kitties are all over this. It keeps them occupied when I'm off doing stuff. Recommended."


"I house quite a number of cats and this is the perfect cage for them. I like this especially for traveling. Lightweight and easy to clean up. "

Love This Product

"I love this product! Always get worried about leaving my babies at home by themselves. Now I can easily take them with me . Thanks for listing this one. Oh, great price too!"

Cat Loves This!

"My cat loves this! Loves snoozing in the hiding boxes and used the scratchy posts quite often. I've never seen a cat tower as big as this, and the price point is fantastic"

Setup Is Easy

"With so many shops online, you simply just can’t buy anywhere. That’s why I trust Coops and cages. They deliver on time. They pack it properly too. Setting it up is not difficult at all."

Very Happy

"Who says you can’t buy happiness? I was able to buy this scratching post and my cat is very happy… of course you can buy happiness. My cat is very very happy


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