CAT NETTING Enclosures

Cats need a balance of freedom and safety, and that’s where cat netting enclosures come in. These clever structures allow our feline friends to enjoy fresh air and sunshine without the dangers associated with roaming freely.

As a responsible cat owner, investing in high-quality cat enclosure netting can provide peace of mind knowing your kitty can safely enjoy outdoor spaces without putting itself or native wildlife at risk.

Many local councils are implementing cat containment regulations that require cats to be kept on their owner’s property 24/7. So investing in a cat enclosure is a smart decision; by paying a small price now, you can avoid hefty fines in the future.

Cat netting enclosures offer many benefits including ventilation, durability, affordability and an unobstructed view of your cat.

What Are Cat Netting Enclosures?

Netted enclosures are becoming increasingly popular with Australian cat owners due to their ability to keep your cat safe at an affordable price. They allow your feline friend to safely enjoy fresh air and sunshine while remaining securely contained on your property.

Made from high-quality netting, these cat runs allow your kitty to spend quality time outdoors safely.

Benefits of Cat Netting Enclosures

Cat netting enclosures offer numerous benefits over those made from other materials. Unlike large timber cat enclosures, netting enclosures are portable and suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Netting ensures excellent visibility and ventilation, keeping cats comfortable and allowing owners to monitor their pets. The unobtrusive design blends seamlessly with home exteriors, preserving aesthetics.

Cat netting enclosures are cost-effective and easy to install. Unlike timber enclosures which require power tools, a cat netting enclosure requires no advanced skills. Simply clip the poles together to make the frame then place the netting over the top!

Manor Catio - Stainless steel reinforced net

How to Choose the Best Cat Netting Enclosure

Choosing the best cat netting enclosure involves considering various factors to ensure your feline friend’s safety and happiness.

Consider the Size and Space

Before choosing a cat netting enclosure, decide where it will placed in your home. Catios are suitable for outdoors or indoors, and perfect for undercover patios or balconies.

Measure the area where you plan to install the enclosure to ensure you select the appropriate size and shape.

Consider the number of cats you have and their personal needs. A group of younger, active cats will need more space to play while one older cat only needs a small area to relax.

If your cats love to sit up high and bird watch, a vertical enclosure will allow you to add in tall scratching posts, platforms or hammocks.

Oasis Catio - Pull tight straps

Look for High-Quality Materials

The secret to creating a cat enclosure that truly stands the test of time lies in the selection of high-quality materials. When buying a premium portable cat enclosure, always check what type of netting is being used.

All Coops and Cages catios have premium cat netting w/ stainless steel, making them long-lasting and durable. Our netting is also UV-treated so it can withstand the hot Australian sun.

Check for Easy Assembly and Installation

Consider the ease of assembly and installation when selecting a cat netting enclosure. All Coops and Cages catios can be assembled in under an hour and have step-by-step instructions for a hassle-free setup.

Our freestanding cat enclosures have a strong steel frame that clips together without any tools. The net is one piece that is simply draped over the frame and then attached at the base using Velcro and clips.

We provide black cable ties to attach the shade cloth, either onto the top or onto the side.

Manor Catio - Shade sail on top


Here are some of the testimonials we have received from our wonderful cat owners!

Best Buy

"This is one of my best buys for the year. Really love how my kitties are all over this. It keeps them occupied when I'm off doing stuff. Recommended."


"I house quite a number of cats and this is the perfect cage for them. I like this especially for traveling. Lightweight and easy to clean up. "

Love This Product

"I love this product! Always get worried about leaving my babies at home by themselves. Now I can easily take them with me . Thanks for listing this one. Oh, great price too!"

Cat Loves This!

"My cat loves this! Loves snoozing in the hiding boxes and used the scratchy posts quite often. I've never seen a cat tower as big as this, and the price point is fantastic"

Setup Is Easy

"With so many shops online, you simply just can’t buy anywhere. That’s why I trust Coops and cages. They deliver on time. They pack it properly too. Setting it up is not difficult at all."

Very Happy

"Who says you can’t buy happiness? I was able to buy this scratching post and my cat is very happy… of course you can buy happiness. My cat is very very happy


If there are any questions that you have about our products, services, postage times or putting the enclosures together. We have a strict 24 hour email response policy, this fast rate of response should assist your decisions.


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