Important Halloween Safety Tips for Pets

Halloween for pets, safety tips, pet care

Halloween is a fun and festive time for children and also the whole family. How about the pets? They can also have fun but there are also some safety issues on Halloween that needs to be taken care of in order to avoid any injury to your pet and injuring your wallet as well for the pet’s medical bills in case something goes wrong.

Not just injuring your pet is one thing you must avoid, but also you must avoid endangering the people around. And with safety in mind, here are some safety tips and tricks you can do to avoid the worst things to happen during Halloween.

Halloween for pets, safety tips, pet care Halloween for pets, safety tips, pet care Halloween for pets, safety tips, pet care

Trick or treat candies are not for pets.

If you got kids around the house who went trick or treating then it is a good idea to tell the kids not to feed your pets especially cats and dogs the candies they got. Any kind of chocolates are very dangerous to to cats and dogs when ingested.

Halloween candies that contain an artificial sweetener called xylitol are very poisonous to dogs when ingested. A small amount of xylitol can cause your dog to have a sudden drop of blood sugar, subsequent loss of coordination and seizure. It is still unsure what xylitol can do to cats but it is better to avoid candies and Halloween treats the children got than to be sorry.

Do not leave your pets outside the house on Halloween.

You never know that there are other people that can bring harm to your pets or your pet bringing harm to other people that pass by. It is better to keep your pet inside the house during Halloween night. There are also some people that might tease or injure or even steal pets left in outside the house without supervision. On worst case, some bad pranksters might even get your pet killed. So to prevent that, keep your pet inside the house.

Keep your pets confined and away from the door.

You know there are a lot of people knocking in the door. With non-stop opening and closing of the door during Halloween, it is better to keep your pet confined somewhere away from the door, such as dog cages. Adults or children who trick or treat with scary costumes might scare your pet causing them to go wild resulting in injuring your pet or even the trick or treater. It is also a good way to prevent your pet from running away in case they get scared or spooked from all the people outside. This will also save you from the trouble of looking for them in case the run outside the house.

Keep your outdoor cats inside the house days before Halloween.

Especially if you got some black cats outside the house. It is better to keep them inside to avoid pet related incident during Halloween. It is usually during Halloween that pranksters with bad intentions go out and harm animals they see. With a black cat somewhat related to Halloween, they might be a target of some pranks.

Keep Halloween plants out of reach from pets.

Though pumpkins are non-toxic to pets, they can still upset your pet’s stomach if they try to nibble or eat some of the displayed Halloween plants like pumpkins around the house, especially if they are ingested in large quantities.

A large piece of pumpkin that has been swallowed by a pet can be very harmful and cause intestinal blockage. And if you got some pumpkins that have candles inside, it can be a fire hazard if toppled by pets running around them. Better avoid using candles inside the pumpkin and just use some battery operated LED lights for a safer option.

Keep wires, lights and other electricity operated decorations out of reach.

Those things can be very dangerous because obviously, if chewed it can electrocute your clueless pet. It can also cut your pets if the decoration has sharp shards of glass and plastic around it.

Halloween for pets, safety tips, pet care Halloween for pets, safety tips, pet care Halloween for pets, safety tips, pet care

Dress your pet with safety and comfort in mind.

It is Halloween and you want to dress up your pet too. Be sure that your pet is comfortable while wearing their Halloween costume. Check if your pet can breathe properly and the costume is not too tight. Also keep in mind to check your pet’s temperature to avoid overheating. Their costume should let them move freely and also let them do their potty when needed.

Let your pet try their costume before Halloween.

This is important to do so that you can check if your pet does not do any abnormal behavior while wearing their costume. It is also a way to check if they are not allergic to the materials used in making their costume.

Make sure your pet can be easily identified.

This is one the most important thing to do during Halloween. You must keep some identification materials for your pet in case they get lost or run away on some event or during trick or treating. Collars with your pet’s name and your house address usually solves the problem. Some other pet owners have pet microchip with all the information needed is embedded to their pets in case some people with bad intention remove their collars.

Now, are you excited for Halloween? We are, too! Let us know how you plan to celebrate this year’s fright night with your pets!

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