Common Problems & Solutions to Get Puppies to Sleep

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Having a new puppy is like having a new baby in your house. They can be cute and playful but it can be a problem if they throw tantrums and especially they poop and pee a lot. It might be a nightmare at first, especially the puppy is still learning a lot of things and is not yet trained to do the right thing. But having a baby is totally different from having a puppy, especially the baby will keep you awake all night, but for the puppy, there are some solutions to make them sleep through the night.

By the time you bring back a puppy home, it is either one of these two will happen to your puppy: either your puppy will go directly to sleep after all those excitement of the day, or the worst part which is having trouble going to sleep because your puppy haven’t settled into their new home yet. It is just like us humans too, just like moving to a new house: it is either you are tired from travelling and moving into your new house, or your are having trouble sleeping as your mind wanders around your new house.

Sure, you might need to puppy-proof your house first, but here let’s talk about some puppy problems in going to sleep and how to solve them.

Puppy fussing at night.

dogs, pet dogs, dog care, pet care, sleep problems

This is a very common problem to most puppies especially when they still want to play. One of the best solution for this is to give your puppy a chew toy or something to chew on if you don’t have a chew toy. This will help your puppy calm down. Most pups will get tired and be on his way to sleep after chewing for a while, and the quietness of the house will also help him sleep. If he is still fussing around, try to take him out the room for he may need to take care of his business outside. If he still keeps on fussing even after being taken outside, you can just ignore it. It will teach him realize that it is already night and he needs to sleep.

How do i know if my puppy needs to go outside?

dogs, pet dogs, dog care, pet care, sleep problems

Each puppy has different personalities and behaviors, and so they have different ways of communicating to you on what they need at that time. This part is mostly trial and error and be very understanding and try to read and learn about your puppy’s behavior.  Puppies usually whine or even cry if they want to go outside and do their business. Sometimes they fidget around or pace around or show uneasiness so that they can go outside. But sometimes when it is really an emergency that they want to pee or poop already, they usually bark at you while fidgeting around.

Puppy sleeps during the day but is wide awake at night.

dogs, pet dogs, dog care, pet care, sleep problems

The best thing to do is do exercises with him in the afternoon or early in the evening, by this way it will make him tired and will help him sleep through the night. You can also try to play with him in the afternoon or early in the evening if you don’t want to exercise and you want to do more fun things.

Puppy used to sleep all night, but is now waking me up more frequently.

dogs, pet dogs, dog care, pet care, sleep problems

If your puppy wakes you up frequently and needs to pee, you might need to get your puppy checked by the veterinarian. Your puppy might have a bladder infection. Have your puppy get checked and be treated.

Puppy still fusses at night but doesn’t need to go outside.

dogs, pet dogs, dog care, pet care, sleep problems

If your puppy is still teething, then it might be one of the cause that he can’t sleep and fusses at night. Teething puppies will feel uncomfortable, which will keep them away and fussing all night. Give them some soft chew toys to chew on or even some treats. You can also let them chew on some ice or some frozen treats to help soothe their sore gums. Just be patient with them at this stage for it will pass in some time.

If your puppy is having trouble in settling down or is constantly scratching or fidgeting then he might have some fleas or another insect biting him. Be sure to check his bed for some insects or anything that bites. If he has fleas then give him a good bath with anti flea shampoo the next day.

Puppy won’t sleep in his bed.

dogs, pet dogs, dog care, pet care, sleep problems

One reason he won’t sleep in his dog bed is it might be too hot. Be sure the room temperature is just right to help him sleep. Other puppies won’t sleep in their bed because maybe their bed is too small for them. Some pups like to stretch a lot in the bed so be sure you got a big bed for your puppy to sleep on and stretch out.

Now, do you think you can get your puppies to sleep? Let us know below!

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