The Birds of Australia That Are Kept as Pets

The BIRDS of AUSTRALIA That Are Kept as PETS-min

Whether you are planning to raise pet birds in Australia or you just want to know the different winged species in the country, I tell you. You are on the right place. In this short yet informative article I wrote, you’d be more knowledgeable about the bird species that are native in your homeland.

Of course, there are plenty of bird species you can find across the country. While some of them originated from here, others are imported from neighbouring continents, such as Africa, Asia, and America. Nonetheless, we cannot deny the obvious that most of the bird species opted as pets are those that are native to our very own Australia – the Land Down Under.

So what are these bird species? Let me begin with the following.

Rainbow Lorikeet

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The Rainbow Lorikeet is a parrot species commonly found in our country. This creature can be seen taking flight along the eastern seaboard, from the northern part of Queensland to the South Australia, as well as in Tasmania. It also prefers to live in the woodland areas, in the rainforests, and in the coastal bush of the country.

The most distinguishable features of Rainbow Lorikeets are their deep green bellies, yellowish thighs and rump, and greenish wings, tail, and back.

Australian Finch

Australian Finches come in different varieties. However, the most popular ones are the Star Finches and the Gouldian Finches.

Despite the relatively small size of these creatures, they have been extensively popular among breeders all over the world because of their unique and vivid colours. They are also noted for their active behaviour and pleasant songs.


Otherwise known as the weiro or the quarrion, the cockatiel belongs to the cockatoo family that is native to Australia. Since this bird species is very easy to breed, this has been prized as companion or household pets all over the world.

If you wish to see one in flight, you won’t have any problems are they are widespread throughout the country. They favour the bush lands, scrublands, and wetlands of Australia, so you might want to visit such places.

Australian Budgerigar

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Also called “budgie”, the Australian Budgerigar is the most common variety of all parakeets. This species was first discovered and described by zoologists in the year 1891. Today, it is listed among the most preferred bird species in Europe and North America.

Naturally, budgies come in colours of yellow, green, and black, with distinct markings on the wings, back, and the nape. But because they have been bred in captivity for many years now, some already have colours of greys, yellows, blues, and whites.

Eclectus Parrot

Native to Northeastern Australia, the Eclectus Parrot is considered an unusual member of the parrot family because of its extreme sexual dimorphism. What does this mean? This is basically a condition in which creatures of the same kind, but of different gender, exhibit different characteristics that are far beyond their gender. These include differences in colour, marking, size, and behaviour.

Otherwise tagged as “the furry parrot”, this bird is very easy to feed. Its diet usually consists of unripe nuts, seeds, flowers, and fruits like grapes, apples, pears, melons, bananas, and guavas. If you are wondering why its typical consumption involves a lot of fibre, the answer is that it has an odd and long digestive tract.


Another popular parrot species that is raised as pets in Australia is the Rosella. Early European settlers along the eastern rosella in New South Wales first saw this bird species. These creatures are indigenous species of Australia and nearby islands. They are often seen inhabiting the woodlands, gardens, farmlands, and forests of the country.

The more colourful rosellas are those that are opted as pets. They are very easy to breed and can live up to 20 years. But they do have a reputation for being aggressive. Thus, it is highly advised to have them separated among other birds.

Okay, okay. I know you now have a better understanding about the different birds of Australia. But always remember that each kind has varying needs, so you might want to consider that if you are planning to raise them as pets.

Anyway, because you are still here, I’ll share with you a secret. If you wish to be closer to these birds, try putting up bird cages, aviaries, and feeders in your yard. And then, use the tips I shared in the eBook I wrote.

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