5 Reasons to Raise Rabbits as Pets

5 Reasons to Raise Rabbits as Pets - feature

I know you all agree that rabbits are beautiful and lovely creatures. They have just too many to offer. And yes, they are simply fascinating. They come in all sorts of colours and sizes. Their fur can even be short and long. Basically, there are just so many reasons to love them. However, allow me to share with you how my fascination for these white and furry creatures started.

When I was younger, I remember my mother approached me and asked, “I have something to tell you. Don’t say no”. Of course, because I am such a darling, my response was a no. Anyway, she went on and asked me the question. She wanted to know if I was interested in raising three rabbits at home because she knew somebody who was incapable of keeping them anymore.

After several arguments and talks, we finally decided to get them. But before we brought them home, we decided to look for a sturdy rabbit hutch that would fit them three. As soon as they arrived, we named them Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup, even if one of them was a male, because I found them overly adorable. They were just like the three girls from the cartoon series who were made from things like sugar, spice and everything nice! From then on, I realized that rabbits are not just ordinary creatures. They also make great family members.

Well, that was my story. However, there are still many other reasons why to raise rabbits as pets. I’ll share them with you below.

1. Rabbits produce compost, which is great for your garden.

There are two commons ways to use the waste of bunnies in the garden. The first one is to use the pellets they dropped as fertilizer as is or maybe allow it to decompose first. Either way, the results are the same – a healthy and lively garden or yard.

2. They are adorable and everyone loves them.

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In my case, I allow my PowerPuff rabbits to live inside the house for one reason. By having them in, I can hit two birds with one stone – take care of them as well as look after my younger cousins when they visit me at home.

What’s great about raising rabbits is that they are harmless for kids. In fact, whenever my cousins come and visit me at home, they would always look forward to feeding them and playing with them. Apparently, there’s really a little chance of them hurting the young ones.

3. Rabbits are not that messy.

Here’s a little trivia for you. Do you know that you can train rabbits on how to use the litter box? Yes, you read that right.

When my rabbits were younger, I made sure they leave their droppings in the litter box placed in one corner of their cage. Wondering how I did that? It’s simple. Everyday, I make sure to clean the box. Eventually, I noticed them going in there whenever they feel the need to get rid of their waste.

4. Bunnies eat veggie scraps.

I only buy broccoli whenever my mother requests me to cook her favourite broccoli and potato soup. So obviously, it’s only mom who eats much of the veggie. And one day, while surfing the Internet, I read an article that says rabbits prefer certain veggies in their diet, which fortunately includes celery. Since then, Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup get their fair share of the celery.

There are instances when we feed them with some other fruits like apples. Instead of throwing them away in our compost, I always make it a point to share food with them. Nevertheless, I can still use their droppings and turn them into compost.

5. They are great companions.

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That is right again. Rabbits do make wonderful companions. Although they look more or less similar with one another, actually they do have unique and great personalities. While others are very playful, some are curious. There are even those that are very affectionate.

Hence, if you really wish your forever bunny friends to stay long, do something for them and have them checked by a veterinarian every now and then.

Well, that is more likely every reason I know about why you should raise rabbits as pets. Now, I am just thankful I’ve spent great times with them. I’m not that sure though if I could still raise more of them. All I know is that I enjoyed lots of perks while I’m with them.

Regardless if you have rabbits or not, I’ll give you a treat. And you can find it below. This is not a carrot or a broccoli. This is an eBook I wrote, which you could use as a guide in keeping your bunnies healthy and happy. Have fun reading it!

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