How to Properly Set Up a Bird Cage 

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It’s fun to move your pet bird into its new bird cage. This is especially true if the cage is sparkling with newness and is loaded with cute stuffs and toys. However, after one week, all these things are covered with dirt, dust, and poop, exposing your bird to various threats. Of course, you don’t want anything of this to happen, right? 

Truth be told, the placement of a bird cage inside the home is equally important as the cage itself. The ideal position should not be anywhere near the kitchen because the cooking fumes and the changing temperature may be hazardous for our winged friends. If possible, put the cage in a room out of direct sunlight, away from windows and doors, to prevent escape. 

In addition, you have to ensure the cage is out of reach to other pets and toddlers. Do not put it near blind cords as well, because if the foot of your pet bird gets snagged on them, they may get electrocuted. 

We all know that there’s a lot to take into account, but we’ve got your back. From perch positioning to your choice of bird cage, Coops and Cages has the perfect tips for setting up a bird cage. 

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Choosing a Bird Cage 

When choosing a bird cage, you often have two important things to consider: size and type. The bird cage should suit the breed of your bird and its size. It should also fit the number of birds that will be living there together. 

Generally, when it comes to selecting a bird cage, the width is often a major concern than the height. The width has to be at least twice as wide as the wingspan of your pet birds. Therefore, if you have multiple pet birds at home, the bird cage size has to be spacious. 

Now, when it comes to the bar spacing and cage material, there are a few things you have to keep in mind before making a decision. Sure, you can opt for a stainless-steel bird cage because it does not rust immediately. Aside from that, it’s also durable and affordable. But if you choose this material type, be sure you check the bar spacing first. They should be close enough together, so that your pet bird won’t be able to squeeze through and find its way out. 

Lastly, be sure you inspect the bottom grate. If it comes with a removable grate, the better. They’re easier to clean and wash, unlike other bird cage types. 

The Positioning of the Bird Cage 

Like most pets, birds are social creatures that enjoy attention and want to become a part of the family. That means putting the bird cage somewhere there is interaction is good for them. Then again, consider the bird species you are welcoming, too! Some of them prefer a quiet and private place to rest than in a place that is crowded and noisy. 

As mentioned above, do not put the bird cage in the kitchen or anywhere near. Birds have sensitive lungs, hence exposure to smoke and foul odors may not be safe for them. 

Since birds can’t easily adapt to changing temperatures, make sure to keep the bird cage away from direct sunlight or drafts. 

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Additional Items for Pet Birds 

A plain bird cage is dull and boring. Pet birds need things that will make their stay in the cage fun and entertaining. Adding the following things will keep your pet birds entertained throughout their stay: 

Feeding Bowls and Watering Bottles – You will definitely need to put a feeding bowl and a watering bottle in the bird cage. While most bird cages nowadays already have these things attached to the cage, others have to be purchased separately. Thus, pay attention to these things, so your winged pals will have something to eat in. 

Perching Bars – Installing perching bars would give your pets a place to rest. It would be great if you can give them a few perching bars to choose from. Install perching bars of varying heights and created from different materials. If you choose a wood perch, know that you will have to replace them regularly. 

Bedding – To make bird cage cleaning a breeze, you might want to add a bedding to the bird cage. It could be any of the following: wood shavings, pieces of paper, aspen pellets, or corncob bits. You can also purchase a commercial bedding from the local pet shop. 

Toys – Make a bird cage more stimulating and less boring by adding some cage toys. Some ideal options include the following: twisted toys, ladders, swings, puzzles with treats, fall apart toys, and rope knots. 


When setting up a bird cage, know that safety is a priority. Always ensure your birds are not exposed to anything dangerous. That way, you can all live in peace and harmony. 

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