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10 Adorable Rabbit Breeds Raised as Pets

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Whether you believe it or not, rabbits make great pets. However, some of them stand out from the rest because of their unique characteristics and traits. Because of these differences, people see these fluffy creatures in various ways. Nevertheless, they are still the kind of animals that are easy to accept and love. Considering the […]

Answers to FAQs about Rabbit Litter Training

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Yes, you read it right. Rabbit litter training is very possible. Though it seems like a difficult task, with patience and persistence, you can teach your bunnies some good manners. Of course, it will really take time, but in the end, you will know that all your efforts will be worth it. But then again, […]

Common Mistakes Pet Rabbit Owners Make

Common Mistakes Pet Rabbit Owners Make

If you think that a pet rabbit is a cheap animal that is easy-to-care for, well, you ought to learn a lot of things. Truth be told, rabbits are not cheap, and they are not also easy-to-care for. Every year, hundreds and thousands of rabbits end up in rescue centres because their owners abandon them. […]

Rabbit Proof Your Home with These Tips

Rabbit Proof Your Home with These Tips

When living with indoor bunnies, one of your number responsibilities is to rabbit proof your home. And when you say ‘rabbit proof your home’, that means preventing any possible structure damages and at the same time, keeping your rabbits safe. Well of course, the joys of living with a house rabbit would definitely be all […]

5 Reasons to Raise Rabbits as Pets

5 Reasons to Raise Rabbits as Pets - feature

I know you all agree that rabbits are beautiful and lovely creatures. They have just too many to offer. And yes, they are simply fascinating. They come in all sorts of colours and sizes. Their fur can even be short and long. Basically, there are just so many reasons to love them. However, allow me […]

Pet Rabbits and Some Fun Facts About Them

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Perhaps, rabbits are among the most sought after pets by many. Not only are they loyal, they are also fluffy, fun, and undeniably adorable. With just a twitch of their nose, anyone would feel honored to bring them home and make them a part of the family. Although they are easy to adopt, some people […]

How to Keep Pregnant Rabbits Safe, Healthy and Warm

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There have been a growing number of people who own rabbits as pets. Who wouldn’t be enticed to raise rabbits? They are fluffy, cute and adorable. Compared to other pets, these long-eared creatures are quiet to keep. They don’t make a noisy ruckus. On the other hand, other people raise rabbits for livestock. If you […]

Top 50 Rabbit Facts

Health Rabbits generally are not heavy animals but the heaviest rabbit was ‘Darius’ who weighed a massive 22.6 kg. Rabbits need to be spayed and neutered, as it is essential for them to maintain their good health. Rabbits require 4 good hours of exercise a day, as they can suffer from osteoporosis if they don’t get enough […]