10 Health Signs Dog Owners Must Not Ignore

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Is your dog not acting like his usual self? How do you know if he’s just feeling lazy or there’s already an underlying issue? Actually, you’ll never know unless you examine him carefully.

Unlike humans, dogs can’t speak when they feel sick. Therefore, it really helps to know the signs. If you notice any of these symptoms, you know what to do. It’s time to go and visit his vet.

1. Poop Issues.

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If your canine buddy is having diarrhea, is vomiting, and not eating properly for more than three days already, it’s probably worth a trip to the vet. Diarrhea can be very life threatening, especially to smaller dog breeds. When not prevented, it can lead to dehydration, which may then result in an untimely demise.

2. Excessive Vomiting.

One vomit is not really concerning, especially if your pet looks perfectly fine. But if he’s already throwing up consecutively for days already, to the point that he vomits yellowish fluids already, this calls for an emergency. There might be obstructions in the intestine or other underlying issues in the digestive system.

3. Restlessness.

If your canine is shaking, anxious, whining, and looks uncomfortable, take him to the animal hospital. Do not just let him rest in his dog kennel. His stomach might be aching or he might be having urinary tract infection.

4. Unquenchable Thirst.

Normally, the feeling of unquenchable thirst goes together with excessive peeing. Unfortunately, some owners don’t get what these signs mean. If you notice these symptoms, have your dog checked. He might be having a condition that requires serious treatment, such as diabetes, hormonal issues, or kidney failure.

5. Abrupt Change in Eating Habits.

If your dog has just recovered from an illness, it’s okay if he doesn’t eat much. That’s pretty much understandable. But if he’s the type who doesn’t say no to his favourite food, and suddenly refuses it, there might be a problem. It could possibly be dental issues, kidney problems, or hormonal imbalance.

6. Unresponsiveness.

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When the temperature outside is too hot, it would make sense if your dog feels lethargic. After all, nobody would feel energetic with a very warm weather. However, if he’s not being playful and you can’t find out why, the vet can give you answers. He might be anemic or he’s ill. Then again, if he suddenly collapses and becomes impassive, it’s a situation you must not take for granted.

7. Sudden Weight Loss.

Even if you think your pooch is eating fine, you still have to check on his weight. There are instances when you think his appetite is fine, but deep inside, he’s suffering. And it’s already too late for you to realize that he’s losing so fast.

Nonetheless, prevention is always better than cure. As soon as you notice excessive weight loss, cancer is a strong risk, or it could be liver issues.

8. Breathing Difficulties.

If your dog is struggling for air, that could be a serious emergency. He might be showing signs of larynx paralysis, bronchitis, or worst, heart disease. Also, consistent coughing must be examined right away. It could mean influenza, heart disease, cancer, or pneumonia.

9. Ear Problems.

Redness, discharge or smell in the ear canal, constantly shaking of the head and scratching of the ears may mean one thing. Ear mites and bacteria are causing dangers in your dog. If you do not know what to do, allow the vet to examine him. He should give the best advice for you.

10. Skin Issues.

Hair loss in one area, excessive biting, licking, as well as scratching could be other serious issues. There might be fleas and mites hiding underneath their pelt.

If you feel there is something with your dog, call the vet to discuss the situation. Always trust your gut instinct. Do not wait for things to get worse.

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