Answers to FAQs about Rabbit Litter Training

Answers to FAQs about Rabbit Litter Training-min

Yes, you read it right. Rabbit litter training is very possible. Though it seems like a difficult task, with patience and persistence, you can teach your bunnies some good manners. Of course, it will really take time, but in the end, you will know that all your efforts will be worth it.

But then again, nobody is to blame if you ever feel doubtful about the process. That is why I have compiled several frequently asked questions relating to this task and give answers to each one of them, hoping that you can learn from it too. So here you go.

Would age make a difference?

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Definitely. Older bunnies are easier to train compared to younger ones, especially if they are still babies. This is because as a rabbit matures, his attention span and eagerness to learn improves. But that doesn’t mean you should never consider getting a baby bunny. Just stick with him and be patient.

If I spay or neuter my rabbit, would it make a difference?

Spaying or neutering a rabbit makes a great difference. In fact, it is considered one of the most essential factors of litter training. By the time rabbits reach the age of 4 to 6 months, they become territorial, marking their own areas. If you spay or neuter your rabbit, he will most likely use the litter box.

Are there different types of litter available?

There are different sorts of litter sold in pet stores, but the best choice depends on the nature of your rabbits and the available area you have at home. But experts strongly recommend the use of organic ones that are made from citrus, oat, alfafa or paper.

If possible, steer clear from litters made from softwoods, such as cedar or pine shavings. These products may cause complications in your pet’s liver.

When any of the mentioned products are unavailable, you can use hay and lay them in each box. It would also be helpful to put several layers of newspaper under it since it can absorb urine.

Do I need to clean the litter boxes every day?

To encourage your rabbits to use the litter box, you have to clean it every now and then. Remove all the tough stains by soaking the pan with white vinegar. If dry urine is present, you can opt for commercial products to get rid of it.

But if you have an organic litter box, dispose it when needed. Have it used as mulch or add it to compost.

What kind of rabbit hutch is ideal for litter box training?

A large rabbit hutch is ideal for litter box training. By opting for something airy, your rabbits will have enough area for recreation and at the same time, have space for other things like water bowls and the litter box itself.

So how is litter box training enforced?

You can start by putting a box in the rabbit hutch. If she doesn’t urinate in it, move the box to the corner until she understands its use. Do not be alarmed if she curls up in it. That is completely natural.

As soon as he uses the box, open the door and let him run freely into the recreation area. And then, observe him as he comes in and out. If he proceeds to a corner where the box isn’t situated, tell him ‘no’ and guide him back to the area where the litter box is located.

Be careful. Do not make it appear like the litter box is somewhat a punishment. Do not rush things up. Eventually, he’ll be confident in using the box.

How many litter boxes should I use?

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There are no rules when it comes to the number of litter boxes. But if there were more, it would be merrier. As soon as you notice improvements in your rabbit’s habits, slowly decrease the number of boxes.

What should I do if my bunny insists on using other spots?

It’s easy. Meet him halfway. Put the box in the spot where he continually urinates. Even if that means you need to rearrange everything, believe me. It is easier that way.

Why is my rabbit not using the litter box?

There could be three reasons why a rabbit doesn’t use the litter box. First is that he might have problems in the urinary tract, bladder stones, or kidney. Second is that he might be having behaviour related problems. And lastly, it could be territory related. Well obviously, if you are uncertain about this, you better consult the veterinarian.

At the end of the day, you can’t always expect your bunny to do rabbit litter box training the right way. After all, nobody and nothing is perfect. Before he gets to use the litter box properly, accidents may happen. And even if that is the case, extend your patience and do not ever think about disciplining him physically. By nature, he gets easily frightened or scared. So as a bonus, feel free to drab a copy of the eBook below. I am confident you’ll find it useful.

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