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6 Obvious Signs Your Pet Rabbit Is Getting Old

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Of course, you have had fun and memorable times with your rabbit. But as time passes more quickly, you might not notice that your pet rabbit grows old as well. It will all come to such point one day. So if you think you still have much time, keep them happy and observe any of […]

The Best Care Guide for Your Pet Rabbits

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We know why you are here. You are looking for the best care guide for your pet rabbits. Well, you have come to the right place. Here, we will teach you the best ways to care for your furry pals. After all, a healthy rabbit is a happy rabbit. Rabbits Need Exercise Most pet owners, […]

How to Safely Travel with Pet Rabbits

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If you are taking a vacation, your pet rabbits will probably be safe with a pet sitter. But if you will be out for months, you need to take them with you. Sad to say, travel can be a bit stressful for bunnies. Still, they will do fine as long as you take precautionary measures. […]

How to Identify Heat Stroke in Pet Rabbits

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Pet rabbits have limited ways to get rid of body heat. They can’t pant like dogs. Also, they can’t grab an ice cream for themselves like humans. For that reason, they are at high risk for heat stroke. But since they are so good at hiding stress and other health-related concerns, they don’t always appear […]

Outdoor and Indoor Dangers for Pet Rabbits

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There’s no denying that pet rabbits make great companions. That is why every owner does everything to ensure they live delightfully together with their fluffy companions. But no matter how they take caution on things, there are times when they accidentally get them into trouble. Although it isn’t what they meant to do, this can […]

Answers to FAQs about Rabbit Litter Training

Answers to FAQs about Rabbit Litter Training-min

Yes, you read it right. Rabbit litter training is very possible. Though it seems like a difficult task, with patience and persistence, you can teach your bunnies some good manners. Of course, it will really take time, but in the end, you will know that all your efforts will be worth it. But then again, […]

10 Myths about Pet Rabbits, Busted!

10 Myths about Pet Rabbits, Busted!

Whether you plan to raise rabbits inside the house with your family or outside in a rabbit hutch, these fluffy creatures always make excellent pets. But then again, some people think that keeping one is somewhat similar to caring for a goldfish; low maintenance and doesn’t require too much research work. Truth be told, caring […]

Is a Rabbit the Perfect Pet for Me?

Is a Rabbit the Perfect Pet for Me

Soft pelt, big ears, adorable nose; who could resist a lovable rabbit? I assume there’s none. After all, they are among the world’s most sought after pets today. But before you even decide to get one, you might want to think whether it is really the pet for you. While they are sometimes given away […]

Fun Activities to Play with Your Pet Rabbits

Fun Activities to Play with YourPET RABBITS

By definition, a game is something fun. It is an act that makes us forget about problems and all. However, there are some other serious reasons why games are played. And when we play with our pet rabbits, we are not just doing this for the sake of our enjoyment. Rather, we are strengthening our […]

Rabbit Breeds That Will Always Stay Small

Rabbit Breeds That Will Always Stay Small

I remember a friend of mine who visited me one day at home with his kid. He was asking for an advice on which rabbit hutch to get. Since his family was adopting a few bunnies, he wants to find a bigger hutch. I showed him several products we have on our website, but he […]