Is a Rabbit the Perfect Pet for Me?

Is a Rabbit the Perfect Pet for Me

Soft pelt, big ears, adorable nose; who could resist a lovable rabbit? I assume there’s none. After all, they are among the world’s most sought after pets today. But before you even decide to get one, you might want to think whether it is really the pet for you.

While they are sometimes given away for free, that does not mean rabbits make cheap pets. Remember, these creatures live up to 12 years, need to be neutered, should be fed with fresh food, and must be vaccinated, which only implies that expenses may go higher than the initial costs.

Sure enough, welcoming a rabbit into the family is not a decision that must be made lightly. Hence, before you make a move, consider the following things, as these will all have an effect in the life of the bunny and every member of the family.

Is your home ready to welcome a bunny?

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Keeping a rabbit in a small hutch is not always recommended; so is putting it in the darkest part of the basement. That is why it has to be placed in a proper and safe housing like a comfortable rabbit hutch.

Although we all hope to let them freely run around the house, this will require more effort on our part. Wires may pose threat to them. Some plants are toxic. Also, there are holes where they might get stuck. So if you are planning to let them loose inside your home, make sure your home is ready and rabbit-proof.

Are there kids at home?

When it comes to new animal family members, adults must take responsibility of them, especially that of rabbits. Kids don’t have the adroitness to handle a rabbit securely and safely.

Often times, whenever they try to carry a rabbit or lift it up, they end up hurting the poor fella. To avoid such situations, rabbit experts advise that children under the age of nine must not be allowed to handle rabbits.

Do you have other animal family members?

If you have a ferret at home, it might be impossible for them to live with rabbits. This is because they are precise and accurate and that they are natural predators of bunnies.

Dogs, on the other hand, are okay. However, they should not be left alone with rabbits. There are chances that their canine’s instinct to hunt might be awakened, causing them to hurt the rabbit.

Birds, guinea pigs, and cats are possible family members. But when introducing a rabbit to them, it must be down slowly. There are tomes when certain behaviours and personalities might cause stress to rabbits.

Can you support vet care?

Emergencies come unexpectedly, so the best way to deal with these situations is to be prepared ahead of time. Before welcoming a bunny into your family, you must have an idea where to find the nearest vet or animal clinic in your place. Ask for their phone numbers so that when the need arises, you can contact them with ease.

Once you have already adopted a rabbit, it is time to set an appointment with your vet. That way, they could be more comfortable with each other.

Is anybody at home allergic to fur?

If there is anybody in the family who is allergic to hay or fur, then rabbits would not be a great pet choice. Well, if you are uncertain about that, it is best that you visit a local shelter and seek advice.

Can you allocate time for them?

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Rabbits are crepuscular animals, which means they are most active during dusk and dawn and are mostly asleep during day and night. And for them to stay happy and healthy, they need social interaction with their owners. So if you cannot commit and allocate time for them, even at least an hour, might as well find another pet to keep.

In addition, the diet of rabbits must include fresh vegetables. Therefore, you’ll have to go shopping once in a while to ensure you meet their nutritional needs.

Do you really want rabbits?

Rabbits are cuddly and cute. They don’t even require much looking after. But after knowing all these things, do you still want to consider keeping rabbits as pets?

You might already be very eager to get a rabbit now. But for the last time, can you think long-term? Many people get excited about the thought of raising a bunny, but in the long run, they get bored of it. As a result, the poor being ends up at animal shelters.

Rabbits may be small, but they do have a great impact on your life. So if you’re thinking about welcoming a bunny, make sure you know their every need. Download and read the eBook about 20 Ways to Keep Your Rabbit Happy and Healthy to be more aware how to care for these creatures properly.

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