Keep Your Indoor Cats Happy with These Tips

Keep Your INDOOR CATS Happy with These Tips

With the temperature dropping outside, your indoor cats might not be able to see the light of the day. As a result, they might get bored and end up scratching your furniture pieces. But then again, this shouldn’t be an issue because we have the perfect solution waiting for you below.

Moving forward, providing toys to your feline buddies might help ease the boredom. However, there’s more to happiness than those material things. What am I talking about? Allow me to discuss a few.

Train them while they are young.


Here’s great news. If you have kittens, you need not to worry so much about keeping them happy indoors. Eventually, they’ll realize how great the indoor is because this is where they’ll grow and make memories.

Put up good fences.

Sometimes, there is really a need to go outside. So consider providing a screened porch for your feline pals to enjoy the outdoors safely. Also, consider buying a cat enclosure to allow your pets to get a feel of the outside without having to worry about potential dangers and threats.

But before you allow them to explore the outside, it is best that you cat-proof your yard. Check your regular fences for any possible cracks or holes, which your cats can use to escape. Apart from that, put away any toxic chemicals and plants.

Install perches near the window.

Cats love to be in places where they can get a better view of everything. Thus, it would be wise to install a perch near a window.

You can easily secure a perch at pet supply stores. You can also get one online. You can even build one on your own out of the materials you have at home. Just make sure it is large and comfortable enough for your kitties to rest on.

Consider the use of cat scratching trees.

Like perches, you can also provide your four-legged buddies a cat scratching tree to satisfy their urge to scratch.

For this item, there is no ideal size. You can have one that is short or something that stretches from the floor to the ceiling. As long as it offers great climbing opportunities for your pets, then it would be perfectly fine. Once you have it, position it in the place where you often see your cats scratching.

Allocate time for playing.


As a responsible cat parent, it is your duty to allocate time for your cat every single day. So to make playtime even more exciting, purchase different types of cat toys that allow your pet to chase, kick, and run around.

When she gets tired, keep the toys away to prevent causing harm. If you feel the need to do something urgent, just leave those toys that are safe.

Keep the indoors clean.

Cats are neat animals. Hence, they always prefer to stay in an environment that is clean. Whenever you notice their litter box full, clean it right away. If there are any dirty rags or carpets, wash it. If you smell urine, wash it off. You don’t want any of these filthy things pose a threat to your pets.

Provide proper identification.

Even if your cats are always indoors, you must always provide them with proper identification. Sometimes, an open window can be very tempting that they might find an opportunity to escape. And if they’re out, they might get lost, especially if they are not used to being outside.

With a collar that contains all your contact information, it would be easier for strangers to contact you in case of emergency.

Take them out for walks.

A cat can be trained how to walk on a leash. But just make sure you use something that is very light and comfy – not a collar. A harness will do.

As soon as she gets used to having it, choose a place that is safe to explore. A great example is the park.

Bring the outdoors in.

Whether or not your cat has always been indoors, it is best that you give her the same amount of joys of the outside world.

If possible, plant a few catnips in a sunny window or create a forest out of plants that are enticing for cats. But be careful because some plants are not safe to cats, such as iris, lilies, amaryllis, English ivy, and chrysanthemums.

Also, put up squirrel and bird feeders near the window. That way, the sight of their flying friends will entertain your little kitty.

You don’t need to open that door to provide your cat an interesting life. By just looking at the world in your pet’s perspective, you’ll get an idea about things that would make her happy.

And truth be told, the concrete jungles are way too dangerous for her. So with these tips I shared, hopefully, your cats won’t get bored in the great indoors.

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