3 Best Places to Put a Cat Scratching Post

3 Best Places to Put a Cat Scratching Post

I’ve been working in the pet industry for quite a long time already. So basically, I’ve heard and even encountered different people who have had issues and problems with their pets. Although there are solutions to each of their concerns, I find cat scratches pretty interesting. Why?

As more and more owners complain about their furniture being clawed and scratched by their cats, cat scratching posts become the most popular option. Not only does this save them money from buying new and expensive fixtures, this also helps satisfy the natural urge of felines to scratch. It’s like hitting two birds with one stone.

But buying a cat scratching post and putting it somewhere accessible to cats is never enough to convince your pets to use them. Of course, it has to be placed on the right spot. I know you want to know where, but before I continue, I just want to tell you something that’ll bring genuine excitement. I have prepared a pleasant surprise for you at the end of this short writing. But I will be assuming that you already have a cat scratching post on hand, okay?

So let’s begin.

The Spot Where Your Cat Is Often Seen Scratching

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You don’t need a fortuneteller to find out where your cat loves to scratch. If you know your cat well, while reading this, I know you already know where to go. I am quite certain that she’s been trying to tell you, “I want to scratch here, and here, and there, and here too!”

You should at least begin by putting the cat scratching post on the area itself or somewhere near it. By doing this, you are actually accomplishing two things. First is you are making your cat happy by giving her an appropriate scratching surface where she wants it. And second is that you are blocking access to the certain object you don’t want your cat to scratch.

If the area is a bit undesirable, such as in the middle of the room, you can still do something about it. Every day, move it to the side for about an inch. If you decide to put it somewhere dark like the basement, don’t expect your cats to go there just to scratch. It will only be left there, futile and covered in dust.

The Area Where Your Cat Spends Most of Her Time

If you have noticed a specific area where your feline friend spends most of her time, then you have already solved half of the puzzle. To be able to complete it, you just need to put the cat scratching post there and let it do all the magic. Later on, you will realize how it’s affecting her to the point that she would sleep on it or play in it.

However, before you even put it there, make sure you get a suitable post, something that fits the needs of your cat. These days, there are cat scratching posts that have features like built-in beds, hammocks, observation towers, and toys, so you might want to consider these things before paying for it.

As a social creature, your cat loves to mingle with other creatures like those of their kind or even their owners. Thus, if you are getting a scratching post, consider getting something big. It has to be spacious enough to have more room for playing or recreation.

Near Your Most Valuable Possessions

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If you have an expensive or furniture, of course, you don’t want it to be scratched, right? Therefore, it would be best if you place a scratching post nearby.

Cat scratching posts are made with materials that are attractive to your furry buddies, such as carpet, wood, and rope. Hence, by the looks of it, I can say these scratching posts are really engineered to perfection.

While it can be very appealing, be mindful that you might have to do several training to get your cat to use the post instead of clawing your furniture. Nevertheless, there is nothing you should worry about. If a cat is given the choice to decide whether to scratch the pricey furniture piece or the post, she will more likely choose the later option.

I know you are now excited to find out what I have prepared for you. Well, we are almost there. But let me just share with you this fact. You will never be ale to stop your cats from clawing or scratching. So don’t attempt to waste time. Don’t even exert too much effort trying to turn your kitty into a tame dog. Also, don’t even think about declawing. This can be traumatizing for your cat, affecting her emotional health and sense of security.

Oh, and there’s just one last thing. Yes, my surprise! Excited to receive it? Simply fill in the box below with your email address. My surprise will be waiting for you in your inbox! I hope you have enjoyed what I have just shared. Feel free to share your thoughts with me through the comment box!

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