Best Outdoor Cat Enclosures and Runs

An outdoor cat enclosure is a great way to keep your cat safe and secure. It allows your cat to enjoy the outdoors without being able to get into trouble.

In this blog post, we will discuss the benefits of using a cat enclosure and provide tips on how to choose the right one for your pet.

Keeping Cats Outdoors

A cat enclosure is a structure designed to contain your pet cat. It will contain a sheltered area for your kitty to curl up and sleep.

It will also have a solid roof for protection against the weather and the sides should be enclosed with strong, wire mesh. Many cat enclosures also include ramps and shelves for your cats to jump up onto and play.

Some people have their cats live inside an enclosure outdoors full time. Other people use an enclosure to give their indoor cat a few hours of fresh air and sun shine during the day.

Cat enclosures stop your cat from wandering too far. They keep them safe from getting lost or being injured by traffic. Cats that live in enclosures have a longer life expectancy than those allowed to roam outdoors.

They also stop native wildlife being injured by your cat. In some local councils, it is the law that pet cats must be contained on your property. So a cat enclosure is the only way your kitty can enjoy time outside.

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Cat run

A cat run is an enclosed or fenced area where your cat can play, exercise and spend time outdoors. A run is typically made from a timber frame with strong, wire mesh on the sides.

It does not have an enclosed area or solid roof for protection. It is therefore not suitable for your cat to live in full time. It is designed for your cat to temporarily enjoy time outside in a safe area.

Somerzby Catio


Here’s Ten Reasons Why You Need an Outdoor Cat Run or Enclosure

  1. Peace of mind knowing where your fur baby is at all times.
  2. Allow your cat to safely enjoy time outside in the sun shine.
  3. Protect your cat from dangerous cars and traffic.
  4. Keep your cat away from predators and fights with other animals including dogs and foxes.
  5. Stop your cat from running away, getting lost or being stolen.
  6. Helps an anxious cat feel relaxed outdoors without worrying about threats.
  7. Protect native birds and wildlife from your hungry kitty.
  8. Lessen the risk of your cat being exposed to harmful fleas and ticks, saving money on vet bills.
  9. People with cat allergies can keep their pet outside in an enclosure to minimise cat hair and therefore their reaction in their home.
  10. Keeps your home free from any toilet accidents if your cat experiences incontinence or sprays to mark its territory.

Cat enclosures and runs

If your cat will be spending lots of time inside its new house, choose an enclosure with a run attached.

This gives your cat a safe, enclosed area to hide away in bad weather or if it feels frightened. But also gives it lots of run space for exercising, jumping and moving around.

Here at Coops and Cages, most of the products in our cat range have both a house and run section.

This means you can leave your furry friend in its enclosure for longer, not having to worry about it not having enough room or shelter. This provides your cat with maximum protection and you with peace of mind.


A sheltered house and run offering optimal protection

How Big Should a Cat Enclosure Be?

Your enclosure needs enough space for your cat to sleep, stretch out, run, explore and play. You also need to fit their food and water bowls, bedding, litter tray and any toys or accessories you want to include.

Younger, active cats will need more space to move than older cats. Similarly, larger breeds (such as Maine Coons) will need a bigger enclosure than smaller breeds or kittens.

It also depends how much time your cat will spend in its enclosure. A cat living inside an enclosure full time needs more space than a cat that will only go outside for an hour of fresh air per day.

Before ordering a cat enclosure online, get out a tape measure and check the dimensions to make sure you are happy with the size.

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Do Cats like Enclosures?

Yes, most customers report their cats love their outdoor cat enclosures.

A young kitten put into an enclosure will naturally adapt faster. Sometimes an older cat that has never been inside an enclosure before may take a little longer to adjust.

Ease your cat into its new home to make sure it feels comfortable. Start by containing it for just a few hours during the daytime when you are nearby, then build up to longer and longer periods on its own.

Fill the cat house with things your cat likes and recognises – its favourite toys, pillow, a familiar food bowl and tasty treats.

Is it Cruel to Have a Catio?

No, it is usually the opposite – it is cruel to let your pet wander away, unsupervised in an open space and be at risk of injury. As a cat owner, it is your responsibility to protect your pets by providing them with a secure home.


Tunnels and Nets

Some customers will build a tunnel to connect our enclosures to their houses. This allows an inside cat to go outside whenever it likes. No longer will you have to chase your cat, pick it up and carry it outside to the catio.

You could connect the tunnel onto your kitchen window or an existing cat flap. You may need to cut the wire on your Coops and Cages house in order to attach the tunnel.

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How to Build a Cat Enclosure

Building your own DIY outdoor cat enclosure gives you the chance to be creative and design a custom catio to meet your needs.

Consider whether you have the time and skills to build a secure house on your own.

You will first need to either develop or search for a suitable plan. Consider both safety and functionality.

Purchase materials and cut to size. You will need to construct the house and frame first.

Then staple gun wire mesh or cat netting into the sides to enclose the run. Screw on the roofing material and latches for doors.

You may want to coat the timber in a protective non toxic water based stain.

It is cheaper to buy a flatpack kit rather than purchase new materials and build one from scratch.

However, building a DIY house could save you money if you are using leftover materials you already have at home.

being a Responsible Cat Owner

Responsible cat owners should know where their cats are at all times. If you allow your cat to wander off, it could be exposed to various dangers. They also pose a risk to other cats and other wildlife.

One solution would be to lock your cat inside your house and never let it out. But then you won’t have a happy cat. As part of your fur family, your cat deserves the enrichment of spending time in the outside world sun shine – the way nature intended.

A catio is the perfect solution to keeping your cat safe but also happy.

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Coops and Cages Cat Enclosures

With our extensive range of catio designs, you will definitely find the right enclosure for your feline friend. Why search for other cages when we have the best deals in Australia? Check out our cat products today and see for yourself.