Things Your Pet Cat Wants to Tell You

Things Your PET CAT Wants to Tell You

We always talk about how much we need to use the computer to work, so we end up waking our pet cats and pushing them away, and after a couple of minutes, we see ourselves logging onto YouTube and watching hilarious video compilations of cats. Weird. Well, it’s time for us to realize that our feline buddies need to have at least 12 to 16 hours of rest and that their body needs the warmth from our computers.

Whenever these creatures do certain things, they actually want us to understand something. Although they can’t talk human language, they are capable of relaying a message to humans, either it is in the form of sounds or body language.

Here are some things your pet cat wants you to know.

‘Stop taking photos of me. I’m not a celebrity!’

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Whenever cats are around, humans can’t seem to help themselves, taking photos of their cats and uploading them on social media. They begin by using different cat toys and putting them inside cat enclosures. And then, they let their furry pals play inside. Once they are busy with their toys, their human owners begin snapping photos from different angles.

Technically, there is nothing wrong with taking photos. Camera flashes never really hurt the eyes of these creatures. However, they produce an eccentric glow in their eyes.

‘Get your hands off my belly!”

People think that when cats show their belly, they are just being friendly. Well, in some cases, that may be true. But there are times when it is the exact opposite. It’s like their means of saying they are very ready to fight.

For cats, flaunting the belly is a defensive move. It shows possible enemies that their claws and limbs are all good and they are prepared to fight by any means.

‘I am a cat, so let me scratch.’

Just like us, cats need to maintain their claws. And the only way they can do it is by scratching. By doing that, all the dead nail growths are removed.

Although there are plenty of reasons your pet cat scratches, it is never a good idea to declaw them. For them, it’s just like cutting off the ends of the fingers. So to solve any of these scratching issues, it is best that you get a good-quality cat scratching post.

Honestly, it might take time to train your four-legged pals to use the post. But then again, you need not to worry because I wrote an eBook you can use as a guide. You can download it for free below.

‘You need not to give me a bath. I am perfectly capable of taking care of myself.’

According to scientists, the cats today do not like to be soaked in water because ever since they were domesticated thousands of years ago, humans always protect them from rain and snow.

At birth, cats have a complete set of grooming tools – saliva, a rough and barbed tongue, as well as paws. Hence, who needs showers and baths anyway?

‘Please do not panic when I bring you a dead animal. It is a present, can’t you see?’

When your cat brings you a dead rat or insect, do not scold her. She is just giving you a present because she is thankful that you take time to fill her food dish.

Like scratching, offering these gifts is natural for felines. Thus, if you don’t appreciate that stunt, you might need to let them know properly to prevent them from doing that in the future.

‘I meow at you because I am telling you something. But whenever you meow at me, you are not speaking my language.’

Cat experts have found out that there are more than a dozen meows a feline makes and each of them has its own meaning. But in general, kittens meow to call the attention of their mother. Adult cats only meow when communicating with humans.

When cats meow, humans always associate it with boredom, pain, or hunger. However, if we meow at them, they don’t really understand what we’re saying.

‘Why are you blaming me for your allergies?’

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Statistics suggests that cat allergies are two times more common than dog allergies, yet we don’t really see cats that are allergic to humans.

If cats could only speak, they would really oppose those who blame them for their allergies. What actually causes a person to sneeze or cough is the super-adhesive protein found their skin that is called ‘Fel d 1’.

With all these information I’ve put up, I am hoping that I could somehow give you hints about what your pet cat is trying to tell you. Do not despise her if she does something wrong or unacceptable. Sometimes, she’s just being herself; so understand the message she is trying to relay. In order to bring awareness to all cat lovers as well, feel free to share this article with them.

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