The Many Uses of Cat Scratching Posts

cat scratching post

Cats scratch for two primary reasons. Either they want to naturally shed their claws or they want to mark a certain place as their territory. Whatever reason these furry creatures might have, it will definitely worry their owners.

Why? This is because in order to satisfy their need, they end up scratching almost anything they see, which in most cases, include furniture pieces. For that reason, cat scratching posts become useful. However, there are several other ways in which you can use these things. Here are some:

1. Scratching poles can be used as toys for kittens.

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Due to the energetic and playful nature of kittens, scratching posts are considered helpful for them. These things don’t just keep up with their vigorous activities; they also offer them a comfortable place to sleep.

In addition, scratching posts also help ease any behavior problems that might come with the introduction of a new cat or a new environment.

2. Furniture pieces are saved with cat scratching posts.

For sure, homeowners with cats understand that these creatures need something to claw. And in case they don’t find any, they will pick on the furniture pieces.

Therefore, to divert the attention of their pets, cat owners would usually get a scratching post. But then again, if the cat isn’t familiar with this, it is recommended to put catnip onto it to lure her. Sprinkle it on the base and also into the fabric.

If that doesn’t work, you can put treats on top. The technique here is to give rewards to the cat whenever she uses the post.

3. Improved your cat’s health with these items.

Yes, it may appear like a pesky habit. But actually, scratching or clawing is great for the cat’s well-being. This does not only keep their claws in great shape. It also helps them exercise and relieve stress.

Here’s something you must remember. Healthy cats are those that scratch without worrying about anything. So if your cat scratches without fear, then she is in good shape.

4. Cat scratching posts are great for socialization.

Cats love to socialize. They like spending time with their fellow felines or their human pals. However, if you have lots of them, you might often see them playing around in these posts. In fact, they would even consider this as their meeting point, more like a place to play and interact.

Factors that Affect the Effectiveness of a Scratching Post

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You don’t just buy a cat scratching post in the supermarket or in the pet shop just because it is on sale or it is the cheapest. Of course, there are things you need to take into consideration. Below are just a few.

Durability and Stability

Although horizontal posts are opted by some cats because these are more stable, you can still buy the vertical ones. But when buying, durability and stability are something you need to look into. It should be sturdy enough to support the weight and the height of your cats. But if you want to be sure which one is preferred by your pet, offer her one of each.


Ideally, a cat scratching tree must be placed in the common area of your home, which is obviously not the basement. Most of the time, cats scratch when they wake up from a sound sleep. Hence, you need to make sure you put one near it.


Yes, you can easily purchase a ready-made post at the pet store, but this doesn’t mean you can’t make one by yourself. As long as you have a log, you can definitely create your own.

If you decide to just buy one that is pre-made, you need to know that those that are covered with carpet might not be the best choices. This is because the claws of your pets might be stuck in the fabric so you need to be extra careful when choosing.

Yes, cat scratching posts may seem like an accessory for your pet felines. But later on, you will realize that these things can also be considered indispensable items for the owners. Once she gets acquainted with it, you can slowly teach her that there are certain things that are off limits. At the end of the day, you will be saved from possible and unexpected expenses.

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