A Guide to Choosing a Cat Scratching Post

A Guide to Choosing a Cat Scratching Post

Choosing the ‘purrfect’ cat scratching post for your feline pal can be very frustrating and tedious at the same time. More often than not, you end up purchasing several models before you are able to convince him to scratch it instead of your couch. But that doesn’t have to be the case all the time.

To avoid spending your hard earned cash over the same thing over and over, it is just right to know what is ideal for your kitty. Of course, a little understanding about the needs of your cat will take you a long way.

Here are some aspects you need to check when searching for a cat scratching post:

Height and Durability

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For a cat to be able to stretch his body to its full extent, the cat scratching post must be tall enough. If your cat has to bend over in order to scratch, he won’t be able to reap the perks of stretching his muscles and exercising. Also, it can be very uncomfortable for him.

However, it’s never enough to just settle on a tall post. Take note that strength, stability, and durability are also very important. If the scratching post wobbles, a cat won’t have confidence in using it. He will feel unsafe. Anytime, he might flip over and fall onto the floor. Hence, he would rather stay in other places.

The general rule is that the taller the scratching post, the more durable it should be. Cats can only obtain injuries with an unstable post. If possible, before you purchase one, check the posts whether they have super-heavy bases. A lightweight base combined with a heavy post may only result in absolute disaster.

Material Composition

If you have gone to a pet supply store, you will see that cat scratching posts are made of various materials that are very appealing to humans. Unfortunately, they aren’t enticing for our cat friends.

So as much as possible, avoid those posts covered in carpet. Such material doesn’t always make the most satisfying scratching surface because it isn’t rough enough. It even has plenty of loops that might catch the claws.

For a cheaper alternative, cardboard scratching surfaces will do. What’s great about this material is that this can be changed and refilled. But it also has a downside. Since it sheds easily, you have to expect mess everywhere.

It would be great if you can find one made of sisal fabric. Because it is heavy-duty and satisfies a cat’s urge to claw, it is deemed the perfect choice.

Hollow or Solid?

Hollow or solid cat scratching posts? Which one is better?

Cat owners say that hollow cardboard tubes are ideal for scratching posts. That is because they are more durable and sturdy. And if you can remember, cats prefer something that is stable to ensure their safety.

In addition, because hollow cardboard tubes make more noise whenever they are scratched, they offer a highly satisfying experience to cats.

Horizontal versus Vertical Scratching Surfaces

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Have you noticed your cat stretching up to scratch on something like the arms of your sofa or the door jams? Or maybe you have seen him scratching horizontally like what they do when they claw the carpet? It sounds weird, but it’s actually normal to them.

With all these questions in mind, it is better to search for a scratching post that your cat will enjoy the most. Because he can’t talk, the safest move is to purchase one with scratching pads and posts in different directions.

Added Features

Although most cats would appreciate a simple cat scratching post, some would be very happy if it has other features in it. Good thing that the posts sold nowadays at pet supply stores offers a wide variety of entertainment for your felines.

If you are looking to buy a post with enough space for playing, find one that has kitty condos. But if you want something that allows your pet to relax and unwind, a design with a perch or hammock would suffice.

Whether its wood, sisal, simple, or vertical, a cat scratching post will always have the same use. That is to satisfy the natural urge of cats to scratch and at the same time save the furniture pieces from incurring damages.

You don’t have to spend a fortune for a cat scratching post. You can always be creative and craft one of your own. Don’t worry about training your cat on how to use it. You can always refer to the eBook that you can download below for free.

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