A Guide to Choosing a Cat Scratching Post

A Guide to Choosing a Cat Scratching Post

Does your cat love to scratch furniture? If so, you need a good scratching post to keep them from damaging your belongings.

But with so many scratching posts on the market, how do you choose the ‘purrfect’ one? If you don’t do your research, you could end up having to purchase multiple scratching posts before you find one your kitty will actually use.

In this guide, we’ll help you choose the right scratching post for your feline friend. We’ll discuss the different types of posts available and what to look for when making your decision.

So, whether you’re just getting a new cat or want to upgrade an old scratching post, read on for some helpful tips.

Cat Scratching Posts

A cat scratching post is also known as a cat tree or cat pole. It provides your feline friend with a safe and sturdy place to scratch their claws, helping to keep your furniture and carpets free from damage.

It is usually a vertical pole or tower covered in rough material such as sisal rope. It will typically have a wide, sturdy base made of timber.

Cat scratching posts come in a wide variety of sizes and designs to suit any cat. They also come in an array of colours to suit any home décor.

Cat scratching posts will arrive as flatpacks and require assembly. Coops and Cages’ scratching posts can be easily assembled using just the hex key provided.

Here are some aspects you need to check when searching for a cat scratching post:

Save Your Furniture

Will keep your cats from damaging your belongings

Height and Durability

When choosing a scratching post, it is important to consider the height.

For an adult cat, choose one that is tall enough to allow him to stretch his body to its full extent. A post that is too short will not allow your adult cat to reap the benefits of stretching and exercising, and can be uncomfortable for him.

On the other hand, you will need something smaller for a kitten who may not be able to reach platforms on a very tall scratching post.

In addition, be sure to choose a scratching post that is strong and stable. Look for one with a wide, heavy base. A post that wobbles will not give your cat the confidence he needs to use it safely, and may result in injury if he were to fall off or the whole thing flip over.

Your cat will thank you for providing a safe, comfortable place to scratch and exercise.

High Quality Materials

Cat parents should be choosy when it comes to their cat scratching posts. After all, a scratching post is an important investment – one that will hopefully last for years and provide hours of enjoyment for your feline friend.

Cat posts come in a variety of materials, but not all materials are created equal.

When choosing a cat post, look for one made from high quality materials – this will help your post to last longer.

Avoid posts covered in carpet. Your cat’s claws can get caught in the loops which could cause injury. Look for a post with soft, plush surfaces; this will be comfortable for your cat.

For the ultimate scratching experience, choose a post with poles wrapped in sisal rope – sisal is heavy-duty and satisfaction-guaranteed!

Hollow or Solid?

The poles in a cat scratching post can be made from either hollow or solid tubes.

Hollow cardboard tubes are more durable and sturdier than solid posts, making them a good choice for cat owners who want their scratching post to last. Cats also prefer something that is stable, as it helps them feel safer.

And because hollow cardboard tubes make more noise whenever they are scratched, they offer a highly satisfying experience to curious cats.

Coops and Cages cat scratching posts all have hollow tubes to offer the very best post for your furry friend.

Tall Cat Towers

Some are tall with vertical scratching poles

Horizontal vs Vertical Surfaces

When it comes to cat scratching posts, there is a wide range of shapes and sizes to choose from.

Some are tall with vertical scratching poles, while others are more compact with horizontal scratching pads.

So, how do you know which shape is right for your cat? You will need to take note of how your cat naturally prefers to scratch.

For instance, does he stretch up to scratch on the arms of your sofa or the door frames?

Or does he prefer to scratch his claws horizontally across the carpet?

Once you have a better understanding of your cat’s scratching habits, you can then search for a post that you think he will enjoy the most.

Keep in mind that cats can’t talk, so it’s important to listen to his body language!

Extra Features

Most cat scratching posts will offer basic features such as plush platforms and sisal rope.

But we know you want to give your cat the best of everything, including a fun and engaging scratching post that they’ll love!

That’s why at Coops & Cages we’ve focused on designing our products with added features for cats.

Some of the extra features you can find on our cat scratching posts include caves, ladders, bells, hammocks, tunnels and hanging ropes.

This means our scratching posts will offer hours of fun and help distract your cat from scratching up your furniture for the long term.

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