Have You Ever Wondered Why Cats Meow?

Have You Ever Wondered Why Cats Meow_-min

If you have spent the rest of your lives with cats, you have probably known the answer already. After all, you couldn’t resist not wanting to know what your feline friends think whenever they meow at your face at night or even when you’re watching the television.

According to experts, cats can produce at least 30 different sounds. That includes 19 variations of the simple meow. So how do you translate those meows into human language? Here you go:

1. I am in pain.

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When a cat meows excessively without any reason, she might be hurt. So the best thing you can do is to take him to the vet immediately. Have her checked before it’s too late. These sudden meows may indicate that something is wrong in a medical sense, especially if your cat is displaying random behavior that is not the usual.

That sudden meows might be caused by various diseases that made your cat feel hungry, thirsty or pained. As a result, she meows extremely.

2. I would like to say ‘Hi’.

If you ever noticed your cat meow whenever you come home, it could mean that she wants to greet you. This could also happen whenever you bump into each other while at home. So do her a favor and give her your warmest, ‘Hello’.

3. I am hungry.

Many cat parents can already distinguish this kind of meow. Most of the time, their pets meow to let other members of the family know that it is dinner time and that they need to eat. There are even instances when they would keep coming back to you, meowing over and over, if they think that it’s past dinner. Thus, it might be a good idea not to forget their feeding time.

4. Listen to me.

Well, cats are sometimes attention-seekers. But it isn’t really a bad thing. It is part of their nature to want your attention. And to get that, they have learned that meowing will do the trick. Technically, they meow to invite you to pet them or to play with them. But if you cannot allocate time at the moment, provide her something to play with, such as a cat scratching pole or some other cat toys.

5. Open the door.

If the door is closed, then cats may meow to ask you to open it for them. They may want to go out to have an afternoon stroll or maybe they just want to find comfort and peace outside. There are also times when they meow to tell you to just leave the door open. Sometimes, they just don’t want to come in or go out. They only want to see the doors in that position.

6. I am in heat.

Okay, this one is pretty obvious. A female cat has a tendency of meowing persistently because she might be in heat. If that is the case, there’s one thing you can do. You might want to consider spaying?

7. I am tired and stressed.

Did you know that compared to humans, cats are more vocal when they are stressed. You can notice this whenever you take them with you to long travels or maybe you are on the way to the vet. In the car, you can hear them meow very loudly. If you encounter this situation, do not panic. Instead, take a break from your journey and offer them something to drink or eat.

8. I am anxious.

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Agitated felines will easily get mad when they feel threatened. They create this angry meow sound that is more like of a wail or cry. So don’t you ever make fun of an anxious cat or else, you suffer the consequences.

9. Don’t leave me.

Research suggests that when cats are left alone for longer periods of time, they become more anxious. Hence, they meow excessively. To avoid this from happening, maybe you might want to take them along in your trips or just be home with them, for goodness sake!

10. I am getting old.

We can never stop our cats from being old. It’s inevitable for all beings on this planet. As these animals age, they show signs of slow cognitive functions, which can be displayed in lots of ways. Loud meowing is one of them.

But of course, there are times when your four-legged friends meow for unknown reasons. Perhaps this is because they want to tell you that the ocean is so wide, the weather is so cold, or they just want you to change the television channel. Regardless of what it could mean, it helps to pay attention to the simplest circumstances. That way, you can understand your feline buddy a little better.

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