How to Keep Your Cat Off the Keyboard & Workspace

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You, as a cat owner, must have run into problems of your cat jumping on your keyboard desktop while you are trying to work or even play some games. Most cats seem to love to walk around the keyboard and even rub their bodies on the computer monitor.

Unfortunately, your cat cannot understand that he is being disruptive and is disturbing you while he tries to get your attention. Even though you put your cat off the keyboard many times, he will do it again and again even if you say no. That’s when a cat enclosure can be handy.

From the cat’s point of view, there are many things in your desk that interest him or even your cat may be jealous that the keyboard is getting all the attention and he does not get any. That’s why he tries to walk around the keyboard to get your attention. More importantly, your cat loves you and wants your love and attention.

Getting Angry at Your Cat Is Counter Productive

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Cats have a limited amount of understanding depending on the situation. If you put them down and off your workspace, they will surely return and jump back on your table and may knock off some things or may even start playing around on the keyboard.

Despite that, your cute cat will crave attention and also your interaction. Your cat might be thinking that you are just there doing nothing and so it is better to play with them and pet them than doing nothing. Thus, getting mad at your cat because of their love for you is not really productive and it will just repeat again and again.

Invite Your Cat into Your Table in a More Controlled Way

Instead of repeating the never ending loop of getting your cat off your desk space, you should invite him to an area in a more controlled way. Allocate a spot for her to stay and enjoy while you work or play. You should allow your cat in that space where he can see you and you can see him.

Another safe solution is to buy some cat desk loungers that you can find mostly online. Most cats will find the new spot in the desk attractive and will directly go to that spot and stay there for some time. You may also use and sprinkle some catnip around that new cat desk lounger to encourage your furry little friend to use that spot most of the time. If you don’t want to spend some money on a cat desk lounger, you can use some small boxes that your cat can fit in and let your imagination do the best on how you will decorate that small box.

Just be sure that the cat desk lounger or the small cat box you made is sturdy and heavy so that it will stay in one place all the time and will not fall off the table. You may also try to consider nailing the cat desk lounger or small box on to the table so that it won’t fall off. You can also use some strong adhesive if you wish to.

With this new space for your cat, you can be more productive as you work or play without getting disturbed. Just be sure that your cat’s new space to play is within petting reach. A little petting while working won’t hurt.

Closing the Room without Them Is NOT an Option

Well, closing the room might be an option, that is if you have other family members to look after your cat as you work or play while they are on another room within the house. But what if they are not there? Or you live in an all in one room where the next room is the outside. With this, letting the cat out is not an option.

But if you have multiple rooms in the house and you are alone and you left your cat on another room, at some point in time your cat will crave for your attention and will start to look for you. If you shut your cat off in another room and it happens more frequently, they may start to show signs of excessive meowing, scratching and even aggression towards you or someone else.

Some cats that are very sensitive may show signs in their behavior like depression or may not even eat their foods.

Cats always crave for attention and love from their human, that is why locking them off in another room is a bad option.

Pet Cats Are Good Stress Relievers

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A lot of studies around the world say that having animals within the workplace can reduce stress and even boost productivity. Some offices have their own pets so that employees can enjoy the company of the animals.

In short, don’t forcefully get your cat off your desk and away from you. Just find ways on how to have fun with them and control the space for them to stay on to. You can either give them a durable cat scratching post to play with or a brand new toy. With that all in mind, you and your cat will have a happy life within your home.

Hopefully, our tips helped you keep your pet cats off the keyboard and made you more productive at work. Let us know some other tips you know in the comments section.

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