Why Do Cats Purr and Knead on Their Humans?

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Cats are a truly fascinating creatures. They are cute, fun to watch and they bring happiness to people, especially to people who loves cats. Some may say that they like dogs better but to people who loves cats, they will say that cats are the best and they are majestic creatures. Cats look really cool too.

Aside from cats are entertaining to watch, cats can also be very affectionate towards their humans especially if they have bonded really close to each other and may sometimes be impossible to separate from each other. Cats are very unpredictable, most of the time they just play around the room, in their cat enclosure or with another cat but then all of a sudden they come to their human and they go purring and kneading their human.

We all know that purring and kneading towards their human is their sign of affection. But sometimes it has a different meaning, that is what we are gonna find out here.

So Why Do Your Cats Purr?

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In scientific terms, purring is the vibration of the cat’s laryngeal muscles that creates the sound of purring. A cat that is purring is kind of complicated to understand. Sometimes they purr when they feel happy but sometimes they purr too when they are scared. Most of the times they purr when it is their feeding time or when they are very happy to see you. They also purr when you take them to the vet and also when they are injured and feel hurt.

Scientists and even animal experts still can’t figure out why cats purr and what purring does but they have some theories regarding this matter. Here are some:

Cats purr to appease you. They purr especially when they like you and when they love you. But sometimes it may also mean “don’t hurt me”. They purr when you take him to the vet because they get scared of getting hurt.

Another theory that our scientists and animal experts have come up with is that cats purr as a form of self-medication. The vibrations created by purring throughout their body are sufficient for their bone growth and also healing. This is why you might see some cats purr when they are injured.

A fact that is already proven is that cats can heal faster than dogs. Is it maybe because of their purring? Maybe. Their purring is not only good for them but also to their owners. Some studies show that people that owns a cat are 40% less likely to have a heart attack that people who doesn’t own a cat. There are also some studies that say cats help to lower blood pressure and also relieve stress. Is is really because of their purring? Maybe. Only the cats know.

So Why Do Your Cats Knead?

why do cats purr, why do cats knead on their humans, cat care why do cats purr, why do cats knead on their humans, cat care why do cats purr, why do cats knead on their humans, cat care

If you own a cat or have tried to nurse a cat, then you might have seen them knead most of the time. They knead all around the house, from the carpet to any soft objects around the house, in the cat scratching post, and even your lap. So why do they do it? It is probably more simpler to explain than why cats purr and here are some of the explanation:

If you have a cat at your house that has some kittens, then you have probably seen the kittens knead while they are nursing. Their kneading while nursing is a sign of comfort and security thus they knead their mother. Some may see it as a way the kittens pump milk as they suck it from their mother.

One of the most simple and yet best explanation why cats knead you is that they love you. It is their way of returning their love towards you. It may also be their way of petting you.

Another explanation why cats knead is that it is their way of stretching. If ever you just woke up or sat down for a long time and then you stretch as you get up, that thing that you feel as you stretch. It may be the same feeling to cats too as they knead and stretch around after a long nap.

If dogs spin around before getting into their resting position, then kneading may also be the cat’s counter part of it. When house cats were still wild in the past, it is their way of making their nest into a soft and comfortable place to sleep on to.

Cats also knead around the place to mark their territory. If dogs pee around the place to mark their territory, then cats will just knead because they have scent glands inside their paw pads that releases a specific scent to mark their territory. So if cats knead you, is it because they love you or consider you as their territory? Nobody knows.

The last explanation why cats knead is for mating. The females usually do the first moves. They knead the male cats as a sign that they are in heat and ready to go mating.

With all of these in mind, now you have some idea why your cat kneads and purrs towards you and your family.

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