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7 Hairless Cat Breeds

7 Most Popular Hairless Cat Breeds

Hairless cats are guaranteed to turn heads and attract attention. Their unique, bald appearance really makes them stand out!

Beyond the way they look, hairless cat breeds are well known for their friendly and affectionate nature. They love to follow their humans around and cuddle up together.

Cat Care Tips to Consider This Spring

Cat Care Tips to Consider This Spring-min

Your pet cat is no different than anyone else in the family. When it comes to seasons, he is probably most excited to see all the snow melting away. He even anticipates the days when it’ll be sunny and warm outside. Perhaps you know what season I’m talking about – spring. While this might be […]

Have You Ever Wondered Why Cats Meow?

Have You Ever Wondered Why Cats Meow_-min

If you have spent the rest of your lives with cats, you have probably known the answer already. After all, you couldn’t resist not wanting to know what your feline friends think whenever they meow at your face at night or even when you’re watching the television. According to experts, cats can produce at least […]

How to Train Your Cat to Do Awesome Things

Many owners think that ‘punishing’ is a way of ‘disciplining’ cats or teaching them to do things accordingly. But truth be told, it is actually a way of introducing stress, which eventually leads to various behavioural and health issues. Well, I can understand that you just want to train your cat. However, I tell you […]

How Well Do You Understand Cat Language?


You might be speaking a different language from your cat, but still, you can communicate and understand each other. How? There are certain hints you can find to be able to understand your cat. You can look into her eyes or listen to the tone of her meow. You can also observe the movement of […]

Ragdoll Cat Facts Every Pet Owner Must Know


If you think a playful, sweet, and a mysterious cat makes a great companion, then you probably are referring to a Ragdoll cat. Although this adorable feline is among the most popular cat breeds today that is opted by cat-lovers, it is actually the type that craves for its owner’s attention. So before you plan […]

Bengal Cats: Do They Make Good Pets?


  While plenty of books, journals, magazines, and newspapers describe the characteristics of Bengal cats, only a few tend to describe what it’s like living with them and how they react when kept inside cat enclosures. Most of these publications focus only on these creatures as animals and not as pets. They do not give […]

How to Introduce a New Cat in Your Household

People usually get excited to get a cat. However, more often than not, they tend to forget that these animals might get overwhelmed with the new environment. That is why it is important to have the cats feel comfortable before they are let loose. Kids would want to grab them or feel a little excited […]