Secure Your Cat with Cat Enclosure Netting

Cat Enclosure Netting

Outdoor time is essential for your cat’s wellbeing. But how do you keep your cat safe outside?

Cat enclosure netting offers a safer outdoor environment for pet cats, preventing them from roaming further than your backyard.

Benefits of Cat Netting Enclosures

Cat enclosure netting is a strong netting designed to contain cats in a certain area.

You can purchase cat netting by the metre to block off certain sections of your yard or you can purchase a flatpack enclosure with cat netting on the sides.

Cat netting is a great solution for pet owners who want their cats to enjoy the sunshine outdoors without the risk of wandering away from the safety of their yard.

Being outdoors makes cats happy! It keeps them active and stimulated, enriching their day-to-day life. Most cats love the fresh air and watching the birds in the trees.

Benefits of Cat Netting Enclosures

But being outdoors has its risks…

Roaming cats don’t live as long as a cat safe in an enclosure. Cat runs protect cats from getting lost, being stolen, getting into fights with other cats, diseases, and predators.

Plus they have minimised exposure to fleas and ticks. This means reduced vet bills.

Cat containment laws exist in many local councils now. So cat netting can help save you hundreds of dollars in fines!

Durability of Cat Netting

When it comes to cat enclosures, you want it to last! Coops and Cages cat net enclosures are high quality and durable. They are made from knotted high density polyethylene material reinforced with stainless steel. This is long-lasting, even with your kitty’s sharp claws.

While most netting is designed to stretch, our special cat netting isn’t. It is designed to hold its shape and not sag over time. Coops and Cages cat net enclosures are also UV treated, helping to last the harsh Australian sun.

And unlike metal wire enclosures, cat netting cannot rust over time!

Do Cats Climb Cat Netting?

Cats are known for their agility and love of climbing, so it’s a valid question to ask: do cats climb cat nets?

It is likely your cat will try to climb the cat netting. However, many cats will struggle to climb vertically or not like the feeling of the netting moving unstably and give up.

Do Cats Climb Cat Netting

But if your cat does successfully climb the netting, no stress! Coops and Cages cat net enclosures are strong enough to take their weight.

Choosing the Right Size Cat Netting

Choosing the right cat netting enclosure is crucial for your feline friend’s safety and happiness.

When selecting an enclosure, ensure it offers ample space for your cat to roam, climb, and exercise freely. A spacious enclosure promotes physical and mental stimulation, enhancing their overall health.

Equally important is the size of the netting holes, which should be less than 2cm squared. This ensures your cat’s paws won’t get caught and provides a secure environment, granting you peace of mind.

Affordable Cat Netting Options

At Coops and Cages, we prioritise your cat’s well-being. With our carefully curated range of cat netting enclosures, your happy cat can indulge in the great outdoors while staying safe and protected.

Our options are made from knotted high-density polyethene reinforced with stainless steel, making them strong and durable.

Affordable Cat Netting Options

FAQs in Relation to Cat Enclosure Netting

Can I Use Bird Netting For A Cat Enclosure?

Bird netting isn’t recommended as it may not be strong enough to contain your cat securely.

Cat-specific netting is preferable due to its strength and durability.

What Size Mesh For A Catio?

For a secure catio, opt for a mesh size of around 2cm x 2cm. This prevents cats from getting their heads stuck while stopping predators from entering.


Coops and Cages cat enclosure netting is the ideal solution for outdoor-loving cats. Durable, UV treated, and safe, it keeps your furry friend happy and protected.

Invest in a Coops and Cages cat net enclosure for peace of mind and a contented feline companion.