Can Cats Live in an Outdoor Enclosure? A Comprehensive Guide

Greta Cat House

Can cats live in an outdoor enclosure? The short answer is yes, but there are many things to consider first if you want to provide your feline friends with the best possible living environment.

In this blog post, we will delve into whether pet cats can live in an outdoor enclosure full-time and how they feel about being inside versus outside.

We’ll also explore the benefits of cat enclosures and discuss some essential accessories that can enhance your cat’s comfort outdoors.

We understand that choosing an outdoor enclosure can be challenging.

Hence, we’ve included a section dedicated to reviewing the best outdoor cat enclosures made specifically for our beloved pets’ well-being.

Can Cats Live In an Outdoor Enclosure Full-time?

Yes, domestic cats can live in enclosures full-time. Most cats will thrive outdoors!

The majority of our customers buy our cat enclosures to house their feline friends full-time.

However, some owners let their fully grown cats spend part of their time in the outdoor cat enclosure and the rest of the time in their house with them.

It is up to you to decide what you prefer for your cat. They are very adaptable little creatures!

If you are going to allow your cat to live in an outdoor enclosure full-time, there are 3 things to consider:

Size of the Enclosure

Size matters. Cats need space to move, climb, and play. A cramped environment isn’t good for their physical or mental health. 

If you have young active cats or multiple cats, you will need to allow extra space.

At Coops and Cages, we offer spacious enclosures designed for cats’ unique needs. 

Features within the Enclosure

What’s inside the enclosure is important too. Cats enjoy climbing, so shelves or platforms are a must – like those in the Stacey cat run.

And don’t forget shaded, hidden areas to protect your pet from the harsh Australian sun.

Safety Measures

Pet owners need to prioritise their cat’s safety.

The wire used in cat enclosures should keep other animals out, prevent cats from escaping and also be safe for your kitty’s paws.

At Coops and Cages, we prioritise your pet’s well-being.

Can Cats Live In an Outdoor Enclosure Full-time?

Do Cats Prefer Inside or Outside?

Aussie pet owners often wonder if their fully grown cats prefer to live indoors or outdoors. 

Most fully grown cats prefer to live outdoors. Nature-loving felines enjoy basking in the sun, breathing in the fresh air and watching the birds in the trees. They are curious creatures! 

Outdoor cats generally have more mental stimulation and exercise, leading to them being healthier and happier overall.

But letting cats roam free can be risky, with cars and diseases posing threats. That’s why safe enclosures are recommended for outdoor cats. They are the perfect balance between a stimulating environment and your cat’s safety and welfare.

Felines can vary in their preferences. Some do prefer the cosiness of living indoors inside your house with you.

If you want your cat to prefer living outdoors in an enclosure, it is best to start from a young age. Some older cats will be stubborn and take longer to adjust to living in an enclosure if they’ve never seen one before.

Key Takeaway: 

Cats are natural explorers who enjoy the outdoors, but it can be risky to let them roam freely. Outdoor cat enclosures provide a safe space for cats to enjoy the outdoors while keeping them protected from accidents and other animals.

Benefits of Outdoor Cat Enclosures

Wondering if it’s worth keeping your cat in an outdoor enclosure? Absolutely. Here are some awesome benefits:

  • Longer, Healthier Life: Indoor cats and pet cats in enclosures live longer because they avoid hazards like traffic, predators and parasites. 
  • Mental Stimulation: An outdoor enclosure lets cats climb, jump, and chase insects. It can be cruel to keep a cat indoors all the time, with minimal excitement.
  • Safety without Sacrificing Freedom: Cats get fresh air and sunlight in enclosures while being protected from outside dangers.
  • Fewer Behavioural Issues: Enclosures prevent cats from scratching your furniture and minimise excessive meowing. 
  • Easier Monitoring Of Health: By keeping a cat indoors or in an enclosed outdoor space, you can more easily monitor your domestic cat’s health. No hiding those sneaky symptoms!
  • Following the Law: Many local councils now have cat curfews or require owners to keep their cats on their premises full-time. 
Benefits of Outdoor Cat Enclosures

Accessories for Outdoor Cat Enclosures

Your feline friend’s outdoor enclosure is more than just a safe space. It should be a place where they can play, relax, and explore comfortably.

To equip your outdoor enclosure with the right items to suit your cat’s natural inclinations and activities, you should include these accessories:


One of the most important accessories for an outdoor cat enclosure is shelves.

Cats love climbing and observing their surroundings from high vantage points. This gives them a sense of security while satisfying their curiosity. 

Our Greta and Stacey enclosures come with shelves as part of their run.

If you want to add shelves to an existing enclosure, our Shelf Set is perfect for cats who enjoy being up high.


Cat tunnels can be used to connect two cat enclosures together, or connect a cat enclosure to your house.

This allows your cat to come and go as it pleases, without your help. 

Best Outdoor Cat Enclosures

Selecting the perfect outdoor cat run is essential for your feline companion’s joy and health.

At Coops and Cages, we provide a selection of enclosures tailored to meet the needs of your cat.

Castle Cat Enclosure

Castle Cat Enclosure

Key Features

  • Fully covered roof for extreme weather conditions
  • Long-lasting black wire mesh on the sides
  • Stylish white stained timber

Stacey Cat Enclosure

Stacey Cat Enclosure

Key Features

  • Tall run area – 220cm tall
  • 3 shelves in the run
  • Ventilation window in house

Greta Cat House

Greta Cat House

Key Features

  • 3 levels inside the house
  • 4 shelves outside in the run
  • Suitable for multiple cats

Our enclosures are built using high-quality materials to withstand extreme weather conditions.

They are designed with cats’ natural behaviours in mind, providing climbing heights and hiding spots to make them feel at home outdoors.

See more options by viewing our blog of Best Cat Enclosures here.


Are Cats Happy In An Outdoor Enclosure?

Yes, pet cats can be purrfectly content living in a well-designed outdoor enclosure. It provides them with safety and access to natural stimuli.

Is It OK For Cats To Live Outside?

Domestic cats can live outside safely if they have a secure and comfortable environment like our range of high quality cat enclosures.

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Can cats live in an outdoor enclosure? The answer is yes, outdoor enclosures provide a comfortable space for cats to safely live outdoors.

Some cats love the great outdoors, while others are happy to stay inside. But if you want to give your furry friend the best of both worlds, an outdoor cat enclosure is the way to go.

Enclosures offer heaps of benefits like protection from predators and traffic, opportunities for exercise and fun, and a controlled environment that keeps them out of trouble.

Plus, there are plenty of accessories available to make your cat’s outdoor experience even better.