Outdoor Cat Enclosures Connected to House

Outdoor Cat Enclosures Connected to House

The Benefits of Outdoor Cat Enclosures

Outdoor enclosures offer numerous benefits for both cats and their owners.

These enclosures provide a safe and controlled outdoor environment for cats to enjoy fresh air, sunlight, and explore outdoors while preventing them from wandering off or encountering potential dangers. They promote physical exercise, mental stimulation, and sensory enrichment, which contribute to a healthier and happier cat.

Outdoor enclosures also help reduce behavioural issues associated with indoor confinement and provide an outlet for natural feline instincts like climbing, exploring, and hunting.

Additionally, connecting an outdoor cat enclosure to your house offer cats the freedom to go outside as they please, while granting owners the peace of mind that they don’t have to constantly supervise their feline companions’ outdoor adventures.

Connecting an outdoor cat enclosure to your house

What Is a Cat Tunnel?

A cat tunnel is a secure passageway that connects an outdoor cat enclosure to a window, door, or cat door of a house.

Cat tunnels are typically made of durable materials like PVC, wood, wire mesh or cat netting. They keep your cat safe whilst giving them the freedom to move between an enclosed outdoor area and their indoor living space.

How To Connect an Outdoor Cat Enclosure to Your House

cat tunnel can be connected to either a door or a window, depending on your preference and the layout of your house. If you choose to connect it to a door, you may need to install a cat door to allow your cat to access the tunnel.

A window-connected cat tunnel provides greater installation flexibility compared to a door-connected tunnel. They can usually be installed without making permanent changes to your home’s structure.

Window-connected cat tunnel

How To Create a Cat Tunnel Connection

DIY Options

DIY options for cat tunnels allow customisation using materials like PVC pipes, wire mesh, or polyethylene netting secured to timber or metal framing. Whether you prefer a long, winding tunnel or a compact passageway, DIY projects empower you to create a personalised and safe environment to suit your location and needs.

Flatpack Kits

Flat pack kit options for cat tunnels are the ultimate convenience for pet owners with limited building skills. With user-friendly assembly instructions, even those with little experience can quickly put them together.

They offer a hassle-free solution for providing cats with a pathway to an outdoor space, without the need for complex construction. Specialised products like the Coops and Cages Luna Cat Tunnel Kit offer a convenient and professionally designed solution.

Luna Cat Tunnel Kit

The Connection Process: Simpler Than You Think

The Luna Cat Tunnel Kit seamlessly connects your house to an outdoor enclosure. Its durable construction, secure fittings, and escape-proof design keep your cat safe whilst allowing them to venture outside.

The modular design allows for the connection of multiple tunnels using the Luna Tunnel Corner Kit, allowing you to make the perfect custom cat enclosure.

Coops and Cages Outdoor Cat Enclosures: Variety of Styles and Sizes

At Coops and Cages, we understand that every cat is unique and recognise the significance of giving your furry friend a space to call their own.

That’s why we offer a diverse range of cat enclosures in different styles and sizes. Choose from our thoughtfully designed options that combine functionality and aesthetics. We prioritise quality and durability to ensure a long-lasting solution for your cat’s outdoor enjoyment.

Diverse range of cat enclosures

Diverse Range of Cat Enclosure Designs

Whether you have a petite kitty or a larger breed like Maine Coons, our collection has you covered. We offer affordable pet enclosures designed specifically for small spaces as well as expansive enclosures where multiple pets can roam freely.

Our options include enclosures with shelves for climbing, cat runs for extra space, and houses with spacious indoor sleeping areas.

We believe in providing feline companions with a variety of choices that accommodate their individual needs and preferences, ensuring they have a safe and comfortable environment to call home.

Greta Cat Enclosure

Easy Installation

Choosing a Coops and Cages flat pack for your cat enclosure offers several advantages, including affordability, convenience, and ease of assembly. It allows you to save on costs compared to having a large cat enclosure custom built.

Coops and Cages flat packs are easily assembled by screwing together large premade panels. The wire comes already attached and guide holes are conveniently predrilled, making it a hassle-free experience for anyone, regardless of their handyman skills.

We provide all the necessary screws and clear instructions to guide you through the process. No need to worry about complicated tools or extensive knowledge – all you need is a powered screwdriver. And if you ever need assistance, our friendly customer service team is always on hand to help!

Cat Comfort: Creating a Welcoming and Stimulating Outdoor Environment

When it comes to creating a welcoming and stimulating outdoor environment for your cat, there are several key factors to consider. Start by providing comfortable and cosy resting spots such as plush beds or elevated shelves. Incorporate interactive toys and scratching posts to encourage play and exercise.

Consider adding elements like cat-safe plants, climbing trees, and hiding caves to create an enriching outdoor space that promotes your cat’s physical and mental well-being.

By carefully curating the environment with their comfort and entertainment in mind, you can make a perfect custom cat enclosure for your feline friend.

Create an enriching outdoor space

FAQs in Relation to Outdoor Cat Enclosures Connected to House

How do you attach a catio to your house?

When attaching a catio to your house, you have a couple of options to consider. One option is to securely fasten the catio structure directly to an exterior wall using appropriate hardware like brackets or screws. This ensures a stable and reliable connection.

Another choice is to create a connecting tunnel, which serves as a passageway or enclosed walkway between the catio and an existing window or door of your house. By implementing this tunnel, you provide your feline companion with a safe and convenient pathway to access the catio from inside your home.

Can you keep a cat in an outdoor enclosure?

Yes, cats can be kept safely in outdoor enclosures provided they have shelter, food, water and enrichment activities. Regular supervision is recommended.

<h3″>How do you turn an outdoor cat into an indoor cat?

Gradually acclimate them by reducing their outside time daily while providing toys and stimulation indoors until they’re comfortable staying inside full-time.

How do you train an outdoor cat to stay home?

Start with short bouts of confinement and increase the duration gradually. Reward good behaviour with treats and playtime to reinforce positive associations with being at home.

Attaching a catio to your house

Jordan’s Wrap

Outdoor cat enclosures connected to houses offer a wonderful solution for cat owners seeking to provide their furry friends with the best of both worlds. These enclosures not only grant cats the opportunity to experience and explore outdoors safely, but also offer numerous benefits such as exercise, mental stimulation, and the fulfillment of natural instincts.

By connecting the enclosure to the house, cats can venture outside whenever they please, while owners enjoy the peace of mind of knowing their cats are protected and don’t require constant supervision.

So, why wait? Explore our range of affordable pet enclosures designed specifically to give your feline companion an outdoor haven connected right to your home.