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7 Basic Considerations Before Owning a Pet

pet ownership, basic considerations, owning a pet

Owning a pet may be may be a rewarding experience to us. However, such great positive effect of pet owning is also anchored by great responsibility. If you are planning to raise a pet, here are some questions you need to ask yourself beforehand. These questions should help you have an informed decision about pet […]

5 Signs That Your Pet Cat Is Happy

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Do you want your feline friend to be happy? Of course, you do! In general, cat owners wish their four-legged pals total happiness because if cats are blissful, they’ll show it. We offer a wide range of premium cat enclosures that will certainly make your furry friend both happy and safe. Just like humans, cats have their […]

How to Properly Bathe Your Pet Cat

bathe your pet cat, pet cat, cats, pet care

As a pet cat owner, you know that bathing your feline buddy is not that necessary. However, there are a few reasons why you should consider doing it. Don’t worry. We’ll give you a few tips on how you should do it properly and share a few helpful precautions, too! Now, before anything else, we […]

6 Health Benefits of Having a Pet Cat

pet cat, pet care, cats, feline, feline friends, benefits of having a pet cat

Sometimes, instinct tells us something is beneficial for us, like eating sweets or even owning a pet cat. And when science agrees with what we want and says cats are great for us, doesn’t that make you feel so happy and satisfied? What many of us do not know is that owning a pet cat […]

9 Tips for Introducing Your New Kitten to Other Cats

cats, new kitten, kitten introduction, introducing your new kitten

Already have a grown up cat or an army of grown up cats at home but you still want to adopt a new kitten to join the group? You’re in luck because today we are going to give you some tips on how to to introduce your new kitten to the other cats. Introducing the […]

6 Surprising Reasons Why Cats Hide

cats, pet cats, cat care, why cats hide

Cat owners out there probably won’t be surprised if they can’t find their pet cat when they arrive home. Their cat is probably hiding somewhere and the owner will just call the cat’s name and the cat will be there. But sometimes they might not answer. Cats have reasons why they hide. It may be […]

Ways to Kitten-Proof Your House

cats, kittens, kitten-proof, cat safety, cat ownership, cat care

In our previous blog post, we had talked about puppy-proofing the bathroom. But what if you wanted a kitten instead of a puppy. You’re in luck because now we are not gonna just kitten-proof the bathroom, but the whole house. We also offer premium cat enclosures to make your cat comfortable and safe. Kitchen Cupboards […]

Living with a Bird and a Cat: Is It Possible?

birds, cats, multiple pets, household pets, introductions

At some point in time during our childhood, we watched a television cartoon show, where a bird and a cat living in the same house, didn’t go along very well. That is why we are left asking, in reality, is it really possible for them to live peacefully together under the same roof? Can a […]

An Ultimate List of Plants That Are Toxic to Household Pets

household pets, toxic plants, pet care

There are many different houseplants that you may have in your home, but you never know they may be harmful to your beloved household pets. While others are not fatal if eaten or chewed, some can actually kill your furry pet. To be safe, never assume that they will not chew, ingest, or chew on the poisonous […]