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The Best Dog Breeds to Raise If You Have Pet Cats

People nowadays are concerned about bringing a pet dog into a home where pet cats have already settled for years. Everyone knows for a fact that felines are independent creatures that don’t feel comfortable living with creatures that are as excitable, aggressive, and boisterous as a dog.  Then again, if you really want to welcome a […]

6 Surprising Reasons Why Cats Hide

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Cat owners out there probably won’t be surprised if they can’t find their pet cat when they arrive home. Their cat is probably hiding somewhere and the owner will just call the cat’s name and the cat will be there. But sometimes they might not answer. Cats have reasons why they hide. It may be […]

20 of the Most Interesting Facts About Cats

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Some of you might already know these facts, but mostly do not. From landing on their feet to having a heartbeat that is twice as fast as humans, here are some interesting facts about cats. 1. Did you know that cats spend almost ⅓ of their waking hours just by cleaning themselves? Hygiene is very […]

10 Common Health Problems in Pet Cats

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Your pet cats may look in good condition, but they actually need your help to stay in perfect shape. That means regular checkups and shots are needed to keep illnesses at bay. Then again, by familiarizing the common health problems in felines, you will be able to identify early signs and get them treated accordingly. […]

10 Summer Care Tips for Your Pet Cats

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In Australia, the weather could get very unbearable and agonizing, especially when the temperature rises to 35 degrees. That is why air conditioners are considered essential in most households and cold drinks become excellent solutions to quench thirst. But then again, we also have to remember our furry pals who struggle to keep themselves cool, […]

Foods That Are Considered Toxic to Cats

Foods That Are Considered Toxic to CATS

If you see your cat looking at you with those big round eyes, begging for the food you are about to eat, would you say ‘no’? Of course, we can understand if you don’t. We know that it’s hard to resist not letting them taste the sumptuous treat were feasting in. However, while we all […]

Things Your Pet Cat Wants to Tell You

Things Your PET CAT Wants to Tell You

We always talk about how much we need to use the computer to work, so we end up waking our pet cats and pushing them away, and after a couple of minutes, we see ourselves logging onto YouTube and watching hilarious video compilations of cats. Weird. Well, it’s time for us to realize that our […]

How to Tell If Your Pet Cat Loves You

How to Tell If Your Pet Cat Loves You

Have you ever noticed your cat scratching onto your body? Or have you observed her rubbing her body against you? Have you ever seen her keeping an eye on you while playing with her favourite cat scratching post? Well, I say you must take note of these things. I know that you love your pet […]

How to Properly Take Good Care of Pet Cats

How to Properly Take Good Care of Pet Cats

I know you will all agree with me if I say cats are extremely adorable creatures. With their affectionate and gentle personality, no wonder why it is very easy to fall in love with them. But then again, you can’t just decide to raise cats as pets for reasons like you find them very cute […]