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The Best Dog Breeds to Raise If You Have Pet Cats

People nowadays are concerned about bringing a pet dog into a home where pet cats have already settled for years. Everyone knows for a fact that felines are independent creatures that don’t feel comfortable living with creatures that are as excitable, aggressive, and boisterous as a dog.  Then again, if you really want to welcome a […]

10 of the Most Popular Service Dog Breeds

10 of the Most Popular Service Dog Breeds

For years now, service dog breeds are always there to help us in times of danger. But did you know that not all of them started out that way? There are actually specific canine breeds that are raised and trained to respond to any sorts of calamities and dangers. While it might not amuse you, service dogs now […]

10 of the Gentlest Dog Breeds on the Planet

They say, “A house without a pet is never a home.” I totally agree with that. However, I have to be honest to you and to myself. The only pet that could ever make my house a home is my chocolate Labrador. Well, it’s nothing to argue about. It’s only my opinion as I’ve been […]

Ultimate List of All Dog Breeds

If you are considering getting a purebred dog, you may want to consider any of the below breeds. Our team has extensive experience with dog kennels, puppy information and dog training that we write about through-out the entire blog. Afghan Hound Common Breed Names: Tazi Spay, Sag-e Tazi Alternative Breed Names: Kuchi Hound, Tazi, Barutzy […]