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How Seldom Should You Groom Your Dog?

How Seldom Should You Groom Your Dog

How often should you groom your dog? Can it be done occasionally? Or does it have to be performed on a daily basis? Although it is a fairly straightforward question, how frequent you should be grooming your dog depends on your definition of the word ‘grooming’. When you say grooming, there are plenty of things […]

Top 10 Outdoor Must-Haves for Your Dog

Top 10 Outdoor Must-Haves for Your Dog-min

The summer holidays might be over, but that does not mean you can’t treat your dog to one awesome vacation he will never forget. Of course, if time permits, you can still hit the beach, explore the wild, or even go camping up the mountains. However, while those activities may sound fun, there could be […]

Is It Really True That Dogs Dream?

Is It Really True That Dogs Dream- (1)-min

I am quite certain that you have experienced this before. You are in the living room, watching television and relaxing after a long day at work. And then, all of a sudden, you hear your dog whining and scratching in his dog kennel. Curious of what’s going on, you get up to check him only […]

Dog Safety Traveling Tips from Experts

DOG SAFETY- Traveling Tips from Experts-min

Dog walks, visiting my family, and running some errands in the market are among the activities I do with my chocolate Labrador. But over the years, I realized that it is never really easy to do all these tasks without making sure he is safe in the back while I’m driving. Although a simple dog […]

Keep Your Canine Pals Happy in a Dog Cage

keep canines happy in a dog cage - feature

It was a sunny Sunday. So I thought it was a perfect time to walk my favourite chocolate Labrador in the park. Considering the distance of the park from our house, I had to prepare a couple of treats for myself and of course, for my furry pal. Since my dog pal isn’t so comfortable […]

Ways to Keep Your Dogs Cool This Summer

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When the summer season comes, the temperatures begin to rise, affecting not only humans, but animals as well. However, for some animals like dogs, keeping a cool temperature is extremely vital and excessive heat may result in life-threatening conditions. Thus, to avoid this from happening, it is important that you take note of heat stroke […]