Dog Stays Man’s Best Friend

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When it comes to man’s best friend, the first animal that comes to our mind is the dog, which was one of the first animals to become domesticated. These friendly decendants of wolves have always been loyal to human beings. Every culture in the world has love for these furry friends and many enjoy the companionship brought by owning one. The man-animal bond has existed since wolves were tamed to protect families and warn of intruders as well as help with hunting and protecting livestock. This bond of love and companionship makes human beings feel protected, supported and more powerful. As pets, they are often considered and treated like they are members of our family. When we see people out with their pet on a walk, they resemble two friends enjoying each other’s company.

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How to Choose a Kennel for Your Dog

A shelter for your dog also requires as much research as your pet’s food so that it meets the dog’s needs. Firstly, you have to decide whether you want your dog to have a house bed or you want your dog to rest outside. The requirements of a house bed usually relates to either a soft fleece-lined bed or a plastic bed with bedding.

When it comes to an outdoor dog kennel, the first thing to note is that that there is not one kennel size for all dogs because not all dogs are the same size. You have to decide on the kennel based on the size or breed and its general behaviour. Kennels are usually placed in the yard where the dog can be tethered to a line or allowed to roam free within a larger pen. Wrong selection of kennel would be very uncomfortable for your pet.

Kennels are traditionally made of wood and are available in various sizes. For smaller pets are not generally suited for outdoor life while medium-sized breeds and working breeds such as a golden retriever, sheepdog or gundog breeds, German Shepherd, Greyhounds and most hounds can be kept outdoors. A kennel’s height should be sufficient enough that it easily accommodates a standing dog and space should also be appropriate so that your pet have enough room to sleep in it and stretch. The kennel can have a door to secure at night, or it can be used purely as a shelter in inclement weather during the day. Most owners will move their pet to other quarters for the night.

Sending Your Dog to Daycare

If you are searching for someone to look after your pet because your working hours have changed or you are going away on holiday, then you might want to have someone temporarily looking after your dog. You have choice either to hire a pet sitter or send your dog to a daycare kennel. Some dogs do not settle in kennels or they can find it hard to adjust being in strange surroundings. In these situations, you should choose a pet sitter. However, many dogs settle in to be being away from you and enjoy socializing with other people and animals during their stay in kennels.

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If you are planning to send your hound to the boarding kennel, you should personally visit and see all of the facilities. Things that you should check first are cleanliness, staff behaviour, staff knowledge, and their feeding and exercise schedule. Some will require that your pet has up to date vaccinations. You will normally sign a waiver to allow the kennel owner to undertake necessary veterinary care in your absence. You should also check whether the centre is properly equipped to handle emergency situations or the day care kennel has facilities to deal with special requirements relating to diet or other needs. Some kennel owners will offer bespoke care facilities so that your pet is treated in much the same way, as you would do so at home.

If you just need someone to look after your dog for a few hours, then a pet sitter will come to your home. It is advisable to hire someone on referral basis. You should call the pet sitter for an interview so that you can judge if the person is trustworthy and friendly, as well as able to take care of your dog properly. Also, check what measures that he is ready to take in case of emergency. No matter which option you go for, be certain that your dog remains safe.

Dog Care and Lifespan

Dogs are not just for Christmas, they are lifetime commitment. Puppies are cute and grow into dogs. They have basic needs that need to be met and they need care and attention paid to them.

Dogs need to be socialised and exposed to many experiences within their first few months as a puppy; otherwise, there is a risk of unwanted behaviour. Nervous dogs can bite. According to a survey, it is estimated that 4.7 million people are bitten by dogs each year. The tendency of dogs to bite depends on various factors like health, gender, training, quality of ownership, etc. Male dogs are more likely to bite than female dogs.

Unlike human beings, the lifespan of dogs is generally short. Often quoted is that a dog year is equivalent to seven human years, which helps equate the close relationship we have with them. The lifespan of a dog varies from breed to breed, but the average age of dogs ranges between 10 and 13 years. Apart from breed, several other factors influence the life expectancy of your dog such as diet, gender, size, and whether they have been spayed or neutered. Therefore, for a healthy dog, care of these special companions can help them live a long and happy life.

Dogs help in daily household tasks

Apart from the task of bringing the newspaper from the door, dogs also help human beings in performing complex tasks like hunting, pulling loads, protection, and assisting police, as well as helping people who are deaf or blind. Certain breeds are called ‘working dogs’ due to their excellent capabilities and intelligent behavior, such as German Shepherds, Boxers, sheep dogs, and gun dogs. These dogs possess an highly developed sense of smell and hearing. The frequency range of a dog’s hearing is approximately 40Hz to 60000Hz, which means they can detect ultrasonic sounds easily. Similarly, they possess excellent sense of smell as well. Such dogs are trained to act as drug detection dogs or sniffer dogs to assist the police in detecting explosives, blood, and drugs.

Dogs as Status Symbols

Nowadays, dogs have become status symbols for their owners. There is a growing trend among people to own a dog that is smart and intelligent but looks rough and tough. Having such a view perhaps makes their owners vain and adds to their perception of social status and reputation. Others pamper their pets to have pedicures, and carry them around in handbags as fashion accessories. Many people see both these situations as cruel, but as long as they dogs are healthy and are taken care of, then their owners are replicating the man-dog bond that has remained with us since the dawn of our relationship with the dog.

Perfect Health Care and Diet Plan for your Dog

Like human beings, dogs are also prone to certain serious ailments and diseases like diabetes, cancer, heart diseases, epilepsy, etc.. Any ailment requires proper care be taken of their health, diet and vaccinations. Feeding a healthy, protein-rich diet is important as it replicates their natural diet. Certain foods prove fatal, such as dark chocolate, onion, garlic, raisins, so it is best to always feed your dog proprietary foodstuffs.

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