10 of the Most Popular Service Dog Breeds

10 of the Most Popular Service Dog Breeds

For years now, service dog breeds are always there to help us in times of danger. But did you know that not all of them started out that way? There are actually specific canine breeds that are raised and trained to respond to any sorts of calamities and dangers.

While it might not amuse you, service dogs now come in a wide variety of breeds. Some are being trained for search and rescue; others are taught how to become seeing-eye dogs. However, when the need for help arises, which specific dog breed do you think makes the perfect candidate?

Here’s a list of the best service dog breeds that are qualified to do risky tasks:

1. Labrador Retriever


Labrador retrievers are among the most popular and sought after dog breed of families nowadays. Aside from that fact, did you know that they also make excellent service dogs?

Known for their wit and agility, Labrador retrievers are usually trained to become assistants for the disabled, trackers of pests and bugs, sniffers at public areas, and reliable pals during search and rescue operations.

2. German Shepherd


Noted for their versatility and intelligence, German Shepherds are highly trainable dog breeds that possess natural protective instincts. That is why they have become popular and vital companions when it comes to different military and police missions.

Due to its gentleness and loyalty, it makes a dependable seizure and alert guide dog.

3. Greyhound


Many people think that Greyhounds don’t make trustworthy service dogs because they are too affectionate and quiet compared to other breeds. But since they are very sensitive to the point that they can easily pick up the slightest clues and tell whether something’s not right, they are opted and trained as service and guide dogs, too.

Greyhounds are also being considered great companions to the elderly, especially to those veterans who suffer from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.

4. Rottweiler


If you have already seen a Rottweiler, for sure you’d agree that its muscular build is somehow very intimidating. Well, in contrast to what others think, this dog breed is gentle and calm. It is also very intelligent and easy-to-train.

Long ago, this dog breed was used to guide and guard a flock. Today, they already have a special place in the military and police service.

5. Golden Retriever


Similar to the Labrador retriever, the Golden retriever is very good at serving and helping others. In fact, it comes naturally. His calm demeanour makes him an ideal choice for kids who need a furry and reliable pal.

This dog breed can also be taught how to perform a variety of tasks, such as hearing aid, seeing-eye, and search and rescue.

6. Border Collie


Often regarded to as one of the smartest dog breeds, the Border Collie is now gaining recognition as a service dog. With its affectionate nature and herding instincts, this canine is trained for rescue operations and alert dogs for persons with disabilities.

7. Poodle


Poodles are very flexible when it comes to tasks and assignments. They could be lifesavers and service dogs. Sometimes, they make great assistants to anyone with mobility issues. They could even give warning to their owners about an impending calamity before it happens. All these are credited to its ability to be taught and its kind disposition.

8. Pomeranian


Don’t let size fool you. Even if it easily fits a small dog cage, there’s just more to this adorable pup.

The Pomeranian may be small in nature, but it is a great service dog. It can be trained to warn owners about forthcoming effects caused by some health complications. Also, it can be used to guide people who can’t hear properly, alerting them when somebody is ringing the doorbells or if the fire alarm is on.

9. St. Bernard


The St. Bernard is by far, one of the most popular service dog breeds in history. Due to its patience and natural protective instincts, it is always preferred during search and rescue missions on ski slopes.

Here’s an interesting fact about this dog breed. At times of avalanche and snow storms, the St. Bernard is immediately brought over to assist and aid those who are wounded.

10. Beagle


Beagles might be small, but they are very versatile. Though popular as hunting dogs, Beagles best suit the role of a scent detection service dog. They can detect drugs, bombs, firearms, and other illegal agricultural products.

From rescue work to security to personal assistance, these service dog breeds are very dependable. But as an owner, you still have to do your part and take good care of them. It’s basically a give and take relationship. You benefit from each other.

Do not fret if your dog’s breed is not listed above. Even without training, he’ll know when you’re in danger and he’ll help without hesitations. If you want to train them to obey the simplest orders, feel free to get a copy of the eBook below.

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