The Best Dog Breeds to Raise If You Have Pet Cats

The Best Dog Breeds to Raise If You Have Pet Cats

People nowadays are concerned about bringing a pet dog into a home where pet cats have already settled for years. Everyone knows for a fact that felines are independent creatures that don’t feel comfortable living with creatures that are as excitable, aggressive, and boisterous as a dog. 

Then again, if you really want to welcome a new dog into your home, don’t let the notion that cats are dogs won’t live together peacefully. There are lots of cases where dogs and cats live together in harmony and become good friends.  

Of course, to make all this happen, the choice of dog breed matters. Below, we have listed some of the best dog breeds that make a great companion for our feline buddies: 

1. Golden Retriever

dog breeds, pet cats, multiple pets at home

The Golden Retriever is known to be friendly, gentle, and loyal. That means, it would definitely make a wonderful addition to a household that already has a cat. Because it is intelligent and obedient, it is no surprise why it is often trained to become therapy dogs. 

Golden Retrievers are considered the best choice for households that have a cat because they manage to stay calm even when surrounded with other animals and kids. But before you decide to get this dog breed, consider your space first. Since they have a large build, they need a lot of room to move around. 

2. Labrador Retriever

dog breeds, pet cats, multiple pets at home

The Labrador Retriever is one of the most popular dog breeds in the world. In case you are wondering why, this dog breed is very sociable and friendly. It is also very smart, loyal, and obedient. Because of such characteristics, Labrador Retrievers are often trained to be assistance dogs. 

So, if you are planning to take a Labrador Retriever home and let him settle in with your pet cat, you won’t have any problems at all.  

3. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

dog breeds, pet cats, multiple pets at home

If you prefer a smaller dog breed, the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is a good choice. It is sociable and friendly like the Labrador Retriever. It is also sweet-tempered. As long as you introduce it to other animals at an early age, socializing will come easy. 

You need not worry if it is around other animals. The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel behaves well when around other pets. The only problem with this dog breed is that it can suffer from severe separation anxiety. So, if you decide to choose this dog, make sure you won’t leave him for too long. 

4. Basset Hound

dog breeds, pet cats, multiple pets at home

Another good-natured dog breed to have around pet cats is the Basset Hound. That is, because like other dog breeds in this list, it is friendly and good-natured. 

However, if you don’t have enough time to walk this dog at least twice a day, you might want to consider getting another dog breed. Without exercise, it easily becomes at risk for health problems. 

5. Pug

dog breeds, pet cats, multiple pets at home

Pugs are very loving canines that make great friends with your cats. Though they are just another small dog breed, they are loving and friendly. And their size won’t make them a threat to pet cats! 

Now, if your pet cat always claws onto things like the cat scratching post or your furniture, choosing a pug might not be a good idea. Pugs have large eyes that may be easily injured. 

6. Papillion

dog breeds, pet cats, multiple pets at home

While they are considered toy dog breeds, Papillions have this reputation for being feisty and sometimes aggressive. Then again, they can also be good-natured and welcoming when around other animals. 

Like Labrador Retrievers, Papillions require frequent walks to stay healthy. When they are stuck inside the dog care for too long, they quickly get agitated and anxious. They have this tendency of barking a lot, which may cause disturbance to a resting cat. Thus, if you plan to get a Papillion, train him while he’s young, so he does not bark a lot. 

7. Collie

dog breeds, pet cats, multiple pets at home

Collies are loyal dog breeds that are very calm when around other pets and humans. They are very affectionate and prefer to have company. That means being around other animals would benefit them. Originally bred to herd sheep, Collies may want to follow other pets around, making them a great match for pet cats. Because they are smart, they might require regular mental stimulation exercises. 

8. Irish Setter

dog breeds, pet cats, multiple pets at home

The Irish Setter is a happy and sociable dog breed. It thrives in the presence of other animals and people. Just like the Charles Spaniel, it does not like to be left alone for too long. So, it would really make a great pair with a cat. 

Final Thoughts 

Now that you know which dog breeds make a great pet if you have pet cats in the household, you will never have nightmares ever again. But of course, it’s always a good idea to seek advice from professional dog breeders or the vet. They can tell you more about dog breeds that suit your lifestyle and needs. 

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