Fun Activities to Play with Your Pet Rabbits

Fun Activities to Play with YourPET RABBITS

By definition, a game is something fun. It is an act that makes us forget about problems and all. However, there are some other serious reasons why games are played. And when we play with our pet rabbits, we are not just doing this for the sake of our enjoyment. Rather, we are strengthening our bond with them and stimulating them physically and mentally.

Rabbits love to play games. In fact, a game of bowling is already considered appealing to them as it perfectly fits their mischievous behaviour of knocking random things over. Simply set up several bowling pins and see how your pet rabbits put them all down.

Similarly, they also enjoy stealing important documents out of your hand or maybe treats and then run away with them. In most cases, they even binky their way far from you. Although this isn’t really a game because you are not considered a willing player, it is still amusing for bunnies.

Aside from these two, there are a couple other fun activities I can suggest you play with your pet rabbits. These are as follows:

A Game of Fetch

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The game ‘fetch’ isn’t only for dogs. It can also be played with rabbits, except that they are the one who does the throwing.

Some bunnies enjoy picking up different things with their teeth and then tossing them high up with their head. So you might want to take advantage of that. Start with finding cardboard tubes and stuffing them with hay. That way, you are actually making the item more interesting.

Rabbit Toys

If you aren’t always at home, you must know that bunnies still need to have fun. Therefore, it is a great idea to have a plethora of rabbit toys in handy.

A cardboard castle made out of toilet paper rolls will suffice. These creatures will love to move in and out of the passageways and make alterations by nibbling on the walls and scratching the floors.

Other toys you can provide are hard plastic baby toys, pine cones, phone books, oatmeal boxes, and plastic balls with bells. Be careful of those toys made of wood types that are harmful to rabbits, such as redwood, peach, and cherry.

Logic Toys

Logic toys can transform a boring afternoon into something fun and enjoyable. These can be readily obtained at pet stores so you need not worry where to get them.

This type of toy is not as sophisticated as you think. As a matter of fact, these are just cardboard or plastic boxes that contain engaging items, such as rabbit treats or rubber balls. To play with this, a rabbit must find a way to open the box to get his prize.

Though rabbits are smart by nature, they also enjoy being challenged with such toys.


If you have a wide area at home, you can play ‘chase’ with your rabbits. But this does not imply that you should go running around, chasing them. Some bunnies enjoy being chased, voluntarily running away from you with flickering ears.

In playing this, you can twist the rules and make them chase you instead. Simply run across the garden or the room and call your rabbit by their name. A clever rabbit will easily know that it is a game and end up chasing you. As it runs, he may even be twisting and turning around, which is good for their mental stimulation.

Obstacle Race

Out of the resources you have – newspapers, tunnels, cardboard boxes, toilet paper rolls – you can build an obstacle course. If your rabbits love to jump around, you can set up several hurdles for them. If not, you can roll basketballs around the floor.

Obstacle courses don’t need to be that complicated. Just be creative and build anything you have in mind. But still, you have to make sure that it is safe for your rabbits.

Stay Put

rabbit_games_-_5 rabbit_games_-_6 rabbit_games_-_7

Perhaps this is one of the easiest games you can play with your bunnies. Sit or lie on the floor and let your rabbit come over. You’ll notice that he will hop to and fro from different directions. He will also examine and nibble every bit of your clothes. If you are lucky, he might lick your face as a sign of its affection. In this activity, for sure, your time is well-spent.

People will understand if you want to spend quality time with your pet rabbits. But you also have to be aware that they get tired easily. If you notice them flopping down after a couple of minutes or running and chasing, allow them to rest and regain their strength. I believe I elaborated these points in the eBook I wrote, which you can download below. In addition, never force your bunnies to play with you, or else, they will let you know when they’ve had enough.

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