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4 Common Rabbit Injuries That Need Immediate Vet Attention

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Pet rabbits bring joy to us pet owners and our family. It is part our job as the pet owner to be the caretaker of them and keeping our pet rabbit healthy and safe from harm. But no matter how careful we are, there are still some time that our pet rabbits can’t avoid accidents […]

The Best Care Guide for Your Pet Rabbits

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We know why you are here. You are looking for the best care guide for your pet rabbits. Well, you have come to the right place. Here, we will teach you the best ways to care for your furry pals. After all, a healthy rabbit is a happy rabbit. Rabbits Need Exercise Most pet owners, […]

How to Safely Travel with Pet Rabbits

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If you are taking a vacation, your pet rabbits will probably be safe with a pet sitter. But if you will be out for months, you need to take them with you. Sad to say, travel can be a bit stressful for bunnies. Still, they will do fine as long as you take precautionary measures. […]

9 Rabbit Toys You Can Make at Home

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Every pet enjoys playing, and your bunnies are no exceptions. Whether you believe it or not, they are even more playful than the typical cats and dogs. They like to run, jump, hop, and even play hide and seek in their rabbit hutches! They just want to challenge and entertain themselves. So, to keep them […]

How to Identify Heat Stroke in Pet Rabbits

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Pet rabbits have limited ways to get rid of body heat. They can’t pant like dogs. Also, they can’t grab an ice cream for themselves like humans. For that reason, they are at high risk for heat stroke. But since they are so good at hiding stress and other health-related concerns, they don’t always appear […]

Learning How to Grow Food for Pet Rabbits

Learning How to Grow Food for Pet Rabbits min

One of the good things about raising pet rabbits is the fact that you can grow their foods by yourself in your yard. What’s best is that you need not to be an expert to grow the favourites of your bunnies! So how do you start? Before anything else, let’s familiarize what is container gardening, […]

Outdoor and Indoor Dangers for Pet Rabbits

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There’s no denying that pet rabbits make great companions. That is why every owner does everything to ensure they live delightfully together with their fluffy companions. But no matter how they take caution on things, there are times when they accidentally get them into trouble. Although it isn’t what they meant to do, this can […]

What to Do When Your Pet Rabbit Bites

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“My pet rabbit is biting me. What should I do?” Don’t fret. While rabbits may look adorable and cuddly, they also have tendencies that are very surprising. And even if they are prey animals that keep on hiding here and there, they do have a nasty side, too. With those big teeth, they are capable […]

Fun Activities to Play with Your Pet Rabbits

Fun Activities to Play with YourPET RABBITS

By definition, a game is something fun. It is an act that makes us forget about problems and all. However, there are some other serious reasons why games are played. And when we play with our pet rabbits, we are not just doing this for the sake of our enjoyment. Rather, we are strengthening our […]

What Foods Do Your Pet Rabbits Prefer?

What Foods Do Your Pet Rabbits Prefer

Just like humans, pet rabbits also enjoy a good and nutritious meal. Even if they feed on almost anything given to them, such as fruits, seeds, fresh grasses, plant leaves, barks, twigs, and other nutritious treats, it is important that every pet rabbit owner knows which ones are healthy for their fluffy buddies. In this […]