What to Do When Your Pet Rabbit Bites

What to Do When Your Pet Rabbit Bites-min

“My pet rabbit is biting me. What should I do?”

Don’t fret. While rabbits may look adorable and cuddly, they also have tendencies that are very surprising. And even if they are prey animals that keep on hiding here and there, they do have a nasty side, too. With those big teeth, they are capable of biting you with all their might, especially if they think you deserve it.

Once those aggressive behaviours show off, rabbit owners become very scared. But to tell you the truth, there is nothing to be worried about. Using the tips I have for you below, for sure, you can easily get through those hard times.

Here’s what you must do whenever your pet rabbit bites:

1. Do not hit him.

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It is a big no-no to hit rabbits across the room. It’s inhumane to do that. Although it is understandable why you want to toss him outside, take note that you know better.

As much as possible, after that one painful bite, encourage him to get back to his cage, where his safety won’t be compromised. If this helps, think of it as a “me-time”.

2. Disinfect the bite.

Once your pet is back in his comfortable rabbit hutch, the next thing you need to do is to disinfect the area bitten by your rabbit. Of course, you wouldn’t want your wound to be infected, don’t you?

3. Find out why you were bitten.

Before you think about punishing your bunny, it would be fair if you find out why you were bitten. Did you scare him off? Di you offend him? Did you do something that hurt hum? Did he just want to play with you? Well, if your rabbit could talk, he would say that all these reasons are completely valid.

4. Do something to avoid it in the future.

After you’ve figured out the reason, do the necessary steps to prevent it. Keep in mind that rabbits that are frightened or in pain will usually bite, so you don’t want your pet to be scared of you.

What’s worst is that if things are taken for granted, rabbit and human relations may be affected. Hence, if you don’t want that to happen, it would be best if you think of the situation form the perspective you’re your pet rabbit. Eventually, you will realize that it will be easier to resolve the conflict.

5. Meet halfway.

Once your rabbit has bitten you, that does not mean it’s time for you to set a high barrier. The best solution you can do to rectify the situation is to meet halfway. Interact with your pet in the most positive way you can think of until you get him to calm down. In the future, if he still shows signs of aggression, just like biting, slowly discourage him.

6. Find other ways to prevent biting tendencies.

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If all else fails, you can try other ways to prevent biting tendencies. Below are some that I could suggest.

  • Make sure you desexed your rabbit. If uncertain about this, find an experienced vet. He can explain to you the importance of desexing. Keeping a desexed bunny at home makes it easy for you to provide a happy life to him.
  • Make time for him every day so that he will not look at you as a potential threat to his territory. Always remember that a bunny may become nasty if he wants to protect himself.
  • Keep him healthy and happy using the tips I wrote in the eBook below.
  • Look for a food that he really likes. And then, use it as a reward for any good or positive behaviour he shows. However, be careful when giving treats to them. A couple of treats a day would already suffice.
  • Give him enough time to explore the outside world. But then again, while doing that, make sure he cannot escape and that there are no toxic plants within reach. If you are unable to offer that in a day, it is better that you offer him toys to keep him busy. Also, keep them away from other animals like dogs and ferrets.
  • A rabbit’s teeth will continue growing as he ages, so be sure to provide adequate chewing materials. Whenever possible, have a constant supply of hay or anything to nibble on. That is vital for his dental and mental health.
  • If necessary, keep his rabbit hutch clean and comfortable at times. Your pet will be staying there for almost his entire life, so it is just right that you keep it tidy.

A pet rabbit bites for many reasons and it is worth noting that it isn’t always the result of aggression. So before you take the necessary actions, it is best that you determine the underlying cause of the aggressiveness of your pet. With proper handling, time, and patience, biting won’t be a problem for you.

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