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6 Obvious Signs Your Pet Rabbit Is Getting Old

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Of course, you have had fun and memorable times with your rabbit. But as time passes more quickly, you might not notice that your pet rabbit grows old as well. It will all come to such point one day. So if you think you still have much time, keep them happy and observe any of […]

What to Do When Your Pet Rabbit Bites

What to Do When Your Pet Rabbit Bites-min

“My pet rabbit is biting me. What should I do?” Don’t fret. While rabbits may look adorable and cuddly, they also have tendencies that are very surprising. And even if they are prey animals that keep on hiding here and there, they do have a nasty side, too. With those big teeth, they are capable […]

Dwarf Rabbit Care: A Guide for Pet Owners

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Who wouldn’t want to care for a dwarf rabbit?  With its cute and adorable face, for sure, anyone who sees it would immediately decide to adopt one. However, raising one can be tough, especially for first time pet owners. If you are planning to get a pet dwarf rabbit, then here is a useful maintenance […]

Pet Rabbits and Some Fun Facts About Them

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Perhaps, rabbits are among the most sought after pets by many. Not only are they loyal, they are also fluffy, fun, and undeniably adorable. With just a twitch of their nose, anyone would feel honored to bring them home and make them a part of the family. Although they are easy to adopt, some people […]