How to Tell If Your Pet Cat Loves You

How to Tell If Your Pet Cat Loves You

Have you ever noticed your cat scratching onto your body? Or have you observed her rubbing her body against you? Have you ever seen her keeping an eye on you while playing with her favourite cat scratching post? Well, I say you must take note of these things.

I know that you love your pet cat, but can you tell if she loves you? Cats express their affection for their owners in a multitude of ways. While most of these are quite obvious, others have their own unique ways. And because we don’t always realize it’s already their way of showing their appreciation and love for us, we tend to ignore them. For that, I thought writing this article would be of great help.

So how do you know if your pet cat loves you? I’ve listed several signs below. Hopefully, with the information I will be providing, you will be able to answer the question. So now, let’s begin.

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1. She brings you presents.

When you notice your pet cat bringing you a creature she caught, this means she is giving you a present. Felines are natural hunters, so if you notice them bringing you their kill, they are actually trying to showing off what they can offer. Hence, think of their present as a token of love, even if you don’t want to touch it with your bare hands.

2. She loves to flaunt her tummy.

Like some other pets, cats do not want to flaunt their stomachs to others. However, if you notice her rolling on its back, giving you a better sight of her tummy, this only means she is very comfortable being with you. Aside from that, she also feels loved and protected.

3. She loves to bite you, but that that hard.

If you notice your pet cat nibbling on you playfully, she is showing her love towards you. But this isn’t supposed to be a painful bite. It’s much different because it doesn’t cause any harm. In fact, it only gives you a tingling sensation.

4. She loves to follow you around.

When a cat is fond of her owner, she will linger around her. Thus, if your furry pal rubs around your legs, do not ever despise her. She is only doing that because she wants to be near you.

5. She has a thing for head butting.

For humans, head butting is never really a friendly gesture. For cats, it is the other way around. If you receive a head butt from your cat, think of it as a big deal. This is because she is sharing with you something that is special. She is giving you some facial pheromones that serve to represent their feelings and affection towards you.

6. She twitches the tip of her tail.

The tail of your cat can be compared to a mood sensor. Its every single move gives you a hint of her feelings. If she holds her tail up naturally and flips it around when you are near, this means she is comfortable with you.

7. She likes to make eye contact with you.

Cats only make eye contact with humans they are comfortable with and those they trust. So if she gives you that certain look, there is no need to fret. And if you lock eyes with her and then notice her cast a slow blink, then you are lucky. She is actually giving you a kiss. When this happens, be kind to her and give her a slow blink in return.

8. She makes the purr sound.

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I assume you know that a cat only purrs when she is happy. If your kitty purrs loudly whenever you focus your attention on her, this can be a positive sign. She may already be recognizing you and that she accepts the fact that you have formed a special bond with her.

9. She “kneads” you.

When your cat kneads you like bread dough, she is showing you the kind of love she developed like a kitty needing her mom. Also, if she drifts into a deep sleep while doing that by your side, it is said the she goes into a heavenly and relaxing state.

10. She scratches onto you.

If your cat often scratches your most expensive furniture piece, then you must do something about that, or else, you might end up spending a couple hundreds of dollars for repair. But then again, you can fix that behavior by following the tips I wrote in my eBook, which you can download below. Going back, cats are territorial creatures. So to claim a territory, they mark it with a scratch. Therefore, if she scratches onto you, she is actually claiming you as hers.

Do any of these signs ring a bell? I hope they do. Although your pet cat may not be that showy when it comes to flaunting her affection and love towards you, just be sensitive. Be a darling and exert efforts to show your fluffy pal that she you are trying hard to understand her.

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