10 Myths about Pet Rabbits, Busted!

10 Myths about Pet Rabbits, Busted!

Whether you plan to raise rabbits inside the house with your family or outside in a rabbit hutch, these fluffy creatures always make excellent pets. But then again, some people think that keeping one is somewhat similar to caring for a goldfish; low maintenance and doesn’t require too much research work.

Truth be told, caring for pet rabbits may be a bit complex than it may seem. Considering they are very delicate animals, they require special diet, vaccinations, and a suitable living condition. So if you are planning to raise rabbits as pets, do not hurry and make a decision. Do your assignment and research. Hopefully, through this article, you will know some of the most common myths associated with pet rabbits and the truth behind them.

1. Rabbits are easy to care for because they are low-maintenance.

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Unlike dogs, rabbits don’t require daily walks in the park. They don’t even need all your attention. Even so, they mustn’t be viewed as low maintenance pets.

Similar to all other animals kept as pets, rabbits need to have a clean housing like a decent rabbit hutch. They also need to have a constant supply of hay, greens, and mix to encourage their natural chewing behaviour.

2. Frequent veterinary care won’t be an issue at all.

Long ago, when only a few rabbits were domesticated, we thought that they don’t require veterinary attention. But over time, our understanding of their needs has changed.

As soon as you welcome them into your family, rabbits must be neutered and vaccinated. Aside from that, their dental health must be checked every now and then to keep them from getting sick.

3. Rabbits have a very short life span.

When properly cared for, rabbits will have a long life span. In fact, some healthy and well-cared rabbits can survive up to 10 years. Unfortunately, bunnies in some other parts of the world aren’t able to live their lives to the fullest as they are taken for granted. Thus, when planning to raise rabbits, make sure you can provide their needs to let them live longer.

4. Rabbits can survive with only scraps.

Although rabbits are not that picky in the food they eat, purchasing a generic brand of rabbit mix won’t be enough. Likewise, letting them feed on leftovers and table scraps won’t get the job done.

To keep rabbits healthy, they have to nibble on a wide variety of foods, such as hay, grass, fresh leafy greens, and rabbit mix. In addition, they must also have access to hay or grass all day because their digestive system continuously works in order not to shut down their metabolism.

5. A rabbit does not need company to survive.

Keeping one rabbit is simply not recommended because these creatures are social, which means they need to have company to thrive. As much as possible, keep two rabbits together and make sure they are both neutered.

6. Rabbits can be very messy and smelly.

Well obviously, if you leave your pets in a dirty rabbit hutch that hasn’t been cleaned for a month, then expect the smell to be very offensive to your nose. Apart from that, it will also be a threat to their health, as they won’t thrive if left in a dirty environment.

To prevent any strong smell, make sure you have a cleaning schedule wherein you get rid of all the spilled food and droppings from the hutch.

7. Rabbits don’t need a very spacious enclosure.

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In their natural habitat, rabbits are seen hopping here and there. That way, they could look for food and stretch their legs.

That said, a small hutch of a few feet height wouldn’t be enough. Even if you have the smallest of all rabbit breeds, they still need a spacious area to be able to move around freely.

8. Rabbits won’t bite you.

We could all agree that rabbits are adorable and soft. But just like any pets, they need to be comfortable with people before they become calm and gentle.

When they feel threatened of scared, they will bite or scratch to defend. Worst is that they can hurt themselves just to escape. Therefore, properly handling is of great importance.

9. Rabbits can walk on a leash.

Though you can easily purchase a leash at the pet store, it isn’t recommended. Rabbits may have very powerful muscles, but their skeletal system is fragile. If they get anxious and hop on a leash, they may break their back.

10. It is normal for female rabbits to bleed.

Rabbits do not menstruate. So if you see blood, something unusual is happening. It could be a sign of a very serious illness. As soon as you notice this, go get your rabbit and have her checked by the vet.

Apparently, there’s just so many wrong information about rabbits floating in the world today. Now that these 10 myths are debunked, you could already raise your pets properly as well.

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