The Best Care Guide for Your Pet Rabbits

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We know why you are here. You are looking for the best care guide for your pet rabbits. Well, you have come to the right place. Here, we will teach you the best ways to care for your furry pals. After all, a healthy rabbit is a happy rabbit.

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Rabbits Need Exercise

Most pet owners, especially rabbit owners just keep their rabbits in the cage all day. While keeping them inside is healthy and safe, it is not advisable for the rabbits to be contained inside the cage 24/7, especially if your rabbit breed is the one that runs around in the wild all day around.

So if you have a very large cage or hutch for your pet rabbit, like they have their own playground that they can run and hide and exercise and live a happy carefree life, then it would be very better. But still, as a responsible pet owner, you know you can’t have some bonding time, if you just keep them inside all the time. It is important to let them out for some time at least a few times a week and spend some time with them. Give them enough time to run around on a daily basis for them to be able to practice their natural instincts.

If you decide to leave your bunny down the floor, make sure to cover all the wires and cords so they won’t nibble on it. Let them for binky and hop around for 30 minutes or more. You can also put them on the couch or the bed. Not all rabbits will instantly run around when you place them, they just want to be comfortable first before roaming around. They just want a bigger area to hop on and spread their legs. Always remember to keep an eye on them for they might hide on some hard to reach areas.

Be Careful on What You Feed Them

It is really fun to watch your bunny eat carrots or raspberries, but it is also important to feed them with other nutritious foods as well. Just like us humans, our bunnies need a proper diet, too. Giving them proper food like hay and pellets is essential. Likewise, offering them treats like fruits and vegetables every 2 days is also an excellent idea.

When giving them treats, consider giving them non-sugary fruits and vegetables. Feeding them with either carrots, broccoli, or lettuce is already enough to keep them satisfied throughout the day. Celery isn’t not so good with rabbits.

Interact and Bond with Your Rabbit

Our fluffy friend gets lonely, too. Make sure to play with them or interact with them daily. Pet them or play with them or just hold them. Show your rabbit your affection by being with them and taking care of their needs.

By nature, rabbits tend to purr too when they are happy. They also close their eyes if you handle them carefully, which means that they are very comfortable with you. If they feel uncomfortable, they usually squirm, squeal or sometimes chatter their teeth. They might be scared if they show any of these signs. The best thing to do is take your time in getting comfortable with your rabbit. This may take weeks or months with new pets, but your patience will bear fruit in the long run.

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Give Your Rabbit Something to Chew on

Aside from foods and treats, rabbits need some toys of some sort to chew on. Sad to say, this need is often overlooked. The teeth of rabbits don’t stop growing like ours do. To avoid injuring yourself like getting bit by your rabbit’s long teeth, giving them something to chew on is a great solution.

Be sure to give them non-toxic things like some toilet paper tube, some sticks, or even those chew toys you can buy from pet stores. Also, be careful of the things you leave on their cages for they might chew on it, too. And sometimes, rabbits nibble on the plastic houses or igloos you put on their rabbit hutches. Such things can be harmful to them, especially the materials used to make them.

When you leave your rabbit outside their shelters to roam around freely, keep an eye on them to ensure they don’t chew on the wires, unless you want to see them injure themselves or kill them.

Groom Your Rabbit Regularly

If your bunny has a long and fluffy fur, it is a good idea to groom them at least once a week. This helps their fur from not sticking to each other, which makes them feel uncomfortable. This can also increase your rabbit’s friendliness towards you. It is also a great bonding time with you and your rabbit. It is a great idea to use soft brushes. That way, you won’t scratch or harm your rabbit while grooming them. It is also necessary to see how they react when you groom them.

Even if your rabbit has a short but fluffy fur, it is a good idea to brush their fur regularly to show them that you care for them. Always remember that a clean and groomed rabbit is a healthy and happy rabbit.

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