9 Reasons Why You Should Get a Pet Ferret

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As they say, a home without a pet is boring and less fun. That said, we would not be surprised if you end up searching for possible pets to raise, especially if you consider getting pet ferrets. So, to those of you, who are planning to get a pet ferret and not sure whether to get one or not, here are the reasons why you should go get them.

1. Ferrets have a very high sense of curiosity and are very playful, which make them very entertaining to watch.

Give a ferret a paper bag or a plastic bag or even a large tube or a box, and it will have fun for hours. Of course, you too will have fun watching them play.

By nature, ferrets are smart, love to explore and investigate new items within their territory. If something has changed then he will surely investigate that thing.

ferrets, pet ferrets, ferret care, ferrets as pets

Ferrets love to dig, either in snow, a pile of leaves, sand or even in water where they can play and mess around.

Give a ferret a squeaky toy or some other small toys you can buy in the pet store and they will be entertained for hours.

2. They get along very well with other pets, especially dogs or cats. If you got them in your house already, you’ll need proper care and an introduction to each other.

If given patience and proper care, your ferret can get along with other house pets. Start out with small introductions and be sure to observe their reactions. Every new introduction should be monitored at all times.

ferrets, pet ferrets, ferret care, ferrets as pets

If your larger pet shows predatory behavior instead of getting interested with the ferret and not being playful, be sure to rescue your ferret and defend.

Be sure to supervise and teach your pets how to get along well with each other. This may take a long time, but everything will be fun once they are in good terms.

3. Ferrets are very loving and loyal pets, if given proper attention and care they need.

They need around 3 to 4 hours of play time out of their ferret cage. If they are not given proper attention, care and love they will not be happy. They don’t want to be in the cage all day and night for they want to be free and play around. They need room to play around and explore.

ferrets, pet ferrets, ferret care, ferrets as pets

They are very prone to accidents, especially accidental deaths, so you must have a safe room or environment for them to play, too. Keep them away from things that might fall on them. Think of them like little kids playing in a room which has been baby proofed.

Keep your ferret properly groomed, especially their nails trimmed, which can get caught in the carpet or other fabrics like curtains. They tend to panic if their nails get caught into something which may pull their nails too far and cause bleeding.

4. Ferrets are amazingly cute, when dressed up in an outfit.

There are a lot of cute outfits you can get and buy for your pet ferret. You can show them off when you got friends or family over and they’ll want to get a pet ferret too, when they see how adorable your ferret is.

ferrets, pet ferrets, ferret care, ferrets as pets

Be sure to get the outfit that fits just right for them. And make sure they are comfortable wearing it too.

5. They are very quiet and only makes sounds while walking or playing with a playful squeak or chirping.

Unlike dogs or some cats, ferrets do not make a lot of noise. They only make noise or happy squeaks or chirping during play time. That means no angry neighbors, who will complain about barking or howling since ferrets are very quiet.

6. Owning a ferret is like owning a small kitten, which is quite inexpensive to raise unlike having a large dog.

Ferrets don’t eat much, so they are less expensive to care for than owning a dog or a cat. They eat as much as a small kitten does.

ferrets, pet ferrets, ferret care, ferrets as pets

They also use water bottles when drinking, much like a rabbit, hamster, or a guinea pig.

7. They interact well with us humans and you can teach them tricks, too.

Ferrets aside from being curious and playful, are also smart and can learn tricks if you teach them well. They can learn rollover, handshake, stand up, and other tricks that you teach your dogs. With treats as a reward, they are sure to learn the tricks fast.

8. Ferrets are great pets for children since they are able to spend more time with them playing at home.

With proper supervision, little kids can play around with ferrets all the time.

ferrets, pet ferrets, ferret care, ferrets as pets

When your kid is around 10 to 12, they are mature enough to handle them carefully and take care of your pet.

At teenage years, they will also learn the responsibility of feeding, caring, and cleaning your  pet ferret.

9. They stash their favourite things or toys; ferrets are collectors.

They love to collect and stash their favorite things or toys. Each ferret is unique, they have different personality and different choices on what they like.

They usually stash their favorite things under the bed or the dresser or even under the closet.

Now, would you want to get a ferret as a pet or not? Let us know your thoughts below.

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5 thoughts on “9 Reasons Why You Should Get a Pet Ferret

  1. Nikki says:

    Ferrets are incredibly smart and beautiful little creatures, adorable and bursting with affection if cared for properly. But if one doesn’t have adequate time, money, energy and patience to give them the attention and proper care they need one should NOT get a ferret. They are not suited to living their lives stuck in a cage without lots of love and attention.

  2. Svet Tour.Com says:

    Another thing to take note of is giving them a fellow ferret playmate. While it’s not essential, your ferret will be happier with a friend of its own species. Ferrets are amusing even when they play alone by themselves. Give them some toys to play with and they are happy! But even if that’s the case, they still need play time with their parents. While they can be contented in their cages or enclosures, they have to get out for at least four hours. It’s important that two of those are spent playing with their parent.

  3. Gregersenartpoint says:

    Jordan Walker cares for the welfare of all animals. He is a firm believer that not only cats and dogs make awesome companions, pet pocket ferret does too! As the lead curator of Coops and Cages, he helps people decide what pet they should get and give information about them too.

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