What Toys Do Rabbits Like? A Guide to Happy Bunnies

What Toys Do Rabbits Like? A Guide to Happy Bunnies

In the quest to answer the question, “What Toys Do Rabbits Like?” it’s essential to understand that rabbits, like any pet, need both amusement and mental stimulation.

Ensuring your bunny has the right toys can transform their playtime into an enriching experience.

In this guide, we’ll explore the types of toys that can keep your furry friend happy and engaged. From tunnels to chew toys, puzzle toys to balls, and more, we’ll delve into a world of rabbit-approved entertainment.

So, together let’s answer the question, “What Toys Do Rabbits Like?”

Choose Appropriate Materials

The toys you give your bunny need to be safe, as well as fun. It’s crucial to select bunny toys made from non-toxic materials that won’t harm your rabbit if ingested.

Choose Appropriate Materials

Wooden toys are a great choice because they’re durable and provide a good texture for rabbits to chew on.

Still, all timber is not equal. Certain types of wood like cedar or pine can actually be harmful to bunnies due to their high phenol content.

Natural fibres such as sisal and seagrass make excellent toy materials too. They offer interesting textures that stimulate your rabbit’s senses and encourage active playtime.

Safety First

Avoid hard plastic toys for rabbits. While some hard plastics may seem sturdy enough, they can easily splinter into sharp pieces that could hurt or even choke your pet.

Plastic also doesn’t satisfy a rabbit’s natural instinct to chew like other more suitable materials do.

Paper-Based Toys

Rabbits like playing with cardboard items and toilet paper rolls. But remember – always choose cardboard paper that is ink-free. Inks used in printing can contain chemicals potentially harmful to our furry friends.

Paper-Based Toys

Rotate Toys Regularly

A new toy can make your rabbit’s day exciting and stimulating. No need to splash out every time to keep your bunny’s attention; just switch up their toys from time to time.

The trick is to rotate their toys regularly. This way, an old toy becomes new again after some absence.

Create a Toy Schedule

To start with this method, first collect all your bunny’s current toys together. Separate the toys into two or three batches. Give one group of these toys to your rabbit, while keeping the rest out of sight.

After about a week or so, switch out the old group with another set from storage; essentially creating a cycle where each set gets its turn being ‘the new exciting thing’.

The more sets you have ready for rotation, the more exciting it is for your pet.

Jordan’s Tip: 

Choosing stimulating toys requires understanding what interests your particular rabbit – each one has its own unique personality after all. Keep trying different types of toys until you find the ones your rabbit loves. The objective is to create a habitat that’s as stimulating and exciting as can be.

Rotate Toys Regularly

What Toys Do Rabbits Like?

When it comes to toys for your rabbit, variety is key. Just like us humans who get bored of the same old routine, rabbits too need a change in their playtime activities to keep them interested and engaged.

Including different types of toys will not only stimulate their senses but also cater to various aspects of their natural behaviour.

The types of toys your rabbit enjoys will depend on their individual preferences – all rabbits are different! You may need a try a few types of toys before you find one your bunny likes.

Some safe rabbit toys include:


Consider adding some fun tunnels to your rabbit hutch. They encourage exploration, exercise and offer fun hiding spots. You’d be surprised how much joy these simple structures can bring to your pet.


A well-placed ramp can give rise to endless fun. Not only do ramps provide excellent physical stimulation, but they also allow rabbits to satisfy their instinctive love of climbing and exploring new heights from an excellent vantage point.

Chew Toys

Chewing is an essential activity for rabbits to keep their ever-growing teeth trimmed to a healthy length. To avoid overgrown or misaligned teeth (which could cause pain or prevent your pet from eating), provide multiple chew toys in your hutch.

Safety first when it comes to picking out the perfect toy for your furball friend. Always opt for non-toxic materials like untreated wood blocks, untreated wicker baskets or apple sticks.

You can hang the chew toys from the side of the run. This prevents them from getting dirty on the ground and also adds a bit of extra fun for your bunny. All Coops and Cages timber rabbit hutches are made from fir timber which is safe for your bunny to chew on.

What Toys Do Rabbits Like?

Puzzle Toys

Puzzle toys have you hide treats within the toy, requiring the rabbit to use its problem-solving skills to access the food. This could involve filling an old paper towel roll with Timothy hay or buying special rabbit puzzle toys from pet stores and hiding fruits or vegetables inside.

Foraging toys give rabbits both physical activity and mental stimulation, keeping their mind sharp. They stimulate their natural instincts, as wild bunnies commonly spend a lot of their time searching for food.

Noise-Making Toys

Rabbits may seem quiet, but many enjoy noise-making toys. Bell balls or rattles are popular choices because they offer auditory stimulation along with physical play.

Always monitor your pet during playtime with these kinds of noisy items – some bunnies might find loud sounds distressing rather than entertaining.

Digging Boxes

Burrowing is an innate behaviour in rabbits. Most rabbits enjoy digging toys as they allow them to dig and burrow without causing damage to their enclosure or allowing them to escape. You could use safe materials such as dirt, shredded paper, hay, or cardboard strips in a box that lets them dig without causing too much mess.


The simple act of nudging a ball provides much-needed exercise to your pet bunny. Opt for balls made of natural materials like willow balls that they can toss around and chew safely.

Avoid plastic balls as they can be harmful if ingested.

Avoid plastic balls as they can be harmful if ingested

FAQs in Relation to What Toys Do Rabbits Like

How Do I Keep My Rabbit Entertained?

To entertain your bunny, give them diverse toys like balls, ramps or tunnels. Regularly rotate these to maintain their interest.

What Are Easy Toys For Bunnies?

Bunny-friendly chew toys and simple cardboard boxes can be great picks. Foraging items also help stimulate their curiosity.

What Do Rabbits Love The Most?

Above all else, pet rabbits crave stimulation from varied playthings along with ample room to hop about and explore safely at home.

Jordan’s Wrap

I’m a firm believer that every bunny should get to have a blast during playtime. After all, it’s part of giving them the best care.

What toys do rabbits like? In this blog, we’ve hopped through the world of rabbit toys. Bunnies can enjoy tunnels, ramps, chew toys, puzzle toys, digging areas, balls and even noise-making toys.

Incorporating toys into your rabbit’s environment won’t only keep their bodies active but also help stimulate their curious minds – making every day feel like an adventure.

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