A Useful Checklist for Starting Dog Parents

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Dogs always have this special place in our hearts. Although they can’t talk to express how they really feel, they do have their own unique ways to show their love and affection. In return, as dog parents, we have to meet their needs to prove we also care for them.

Below is a list of basic supplies you will need when raising pet dogs.

1. A Dog

Of course, you will need a dog. Find legit breeders in your area to ensure you welcome a “pawesome” pooch!

2. Kennel

Medium Timber Dog Kennel

A kennel makes a great place for your pooch to rest and sleep after a long day. Hence, choose something sturdy and cozy.

*Get the dog kennel with bed porch deck
*Get the extra large timber dog kennel
*Get the plastic green roof kennel

3. Playpen


A playpen will be very helpful if you wish to confine your dog, but not crated.

*Get the grey portable dog playpen
*Get the red portable dog playpen
*Get the extra large soft pet dog playpen 

4. Toys


Toys are good for dogs to keep them entertained. Then again, make sure you give them safe chew toys, so that when they pull them apart, there’ll be no choking hazards.

5. Bed

Ideally, the bed has to be comfortable, thick, and soft. Being easy-to-clean is just an advantage.

*Get the extra large dog bed hammock
*Get the faux suede dog bed
*Get the medium dog bed hammock 

6. Collar

When choosing a collar, measure the neck first. Next, consider adding an allowance. That way, your pooch will still be comfortable.

7. Food

Over time, you will have to gradually change your food choice. Even so, make sure you get a good grade dog food.

8. Food and Water Bowl

Anything made of ceramic or stainless steel is ideal. Plastic will only promote bacteria growth.

9. Leash

If possible, get a 20-foot leash. It’ll be great for training him to obey commands like “sit” or “come”.

10. Travel Crates/Carriers/Bags

This is a very important tool, especially at the beginning. You don’t want to shock them with the new environment, right? Just be sure you don’t crate them for more than 5 hours and always keep safe toys inside.

*Get the grey pet dog car seat carrier
*Get the extra large portable dog carrier
*Get the extra large rectangle dog cage 

How many have you checked so far? Well, you need not to purchase them all at once. Plenty of experienced dog parents suggest getting those that’ll be needed immediately, such as food, leash, collar, and crate, and the rest, will be up to you.

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