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10 Chicken Myths That Need to Be Busted

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We usually think of chickens as a source of food. Others think of them as a source of livelihood. But no matter what people think when it comes to chickens, we cannot deny the fact that many crave for the facts and knowledge about these feathered creatures. Are you one of those who crave for […]

How to Train Chooks to Use Nesting Boxes

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Either you raise chickens for food or for companionship, they will lay eggs. Their bodies are designed to produce eggs naturally. So, whether you like it or not, they will produce eggs. Normally, hens begin to lay eggs when they are around five or six months old. And depending on their breed, they can lay […]

7 Things Needed Prior to Raising Chickens

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To raise chickens at home is probably one of the best decision you have ever made. Not only is it enjoying; it is also rewarding and profitable. And now that you have finally set your foot onto the path of poultry farming, you might be asking what things you need to secure before you welcome […]

7 Essentials to Raising Healthy Chickens

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Whether you decide to get day-old chicks from the store or hatch your own in the yard, it is important that you know how to grow them into mature and healthy chickens. After all, it’ll be you who will first hand reap the perks. When starting, you can’t just go and buy a chicken coop […]

Sure-Fire Ways to Prevent Obesity in Chickens


As much as we would love to see our chickens happy and healthy, there are times when we unintentionally cause their untimely demise. We give them so much attention, making sure we provide what they need to ensure they live long, not knowing that they are already getting too fat. Just like humans, chickens consume […]

7 Reasons Why Chickens Stop Laying Eggs

7 Reasons Why Chickens Stop Laying Eggs

Have you ever visited the chicken coop only to find out there are no eggs? Disappointing, I say. It even makes you anxious and worried. However, is it really something you should focus your attention to? If so, is there anything you can do about it? Honestly, the answer to the question differs. But basically, […]

5 Mistakes Committed by Chicken Owners

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In general, raising chickens may look easy. Even if you don’t have enough experience taking good care of these animals, I am sure it’ll be easy for you to learn basic chicken care. However, that does not exempt you from committing mistakes. Just like me and other poultry farmers, we’ve done a lot of mistakes. […]

What to Feed Your Backyard Chickens

What to Feed Your Backyard Chickens

‘Aside from providing them a comfy chicken coop with roosting perches and all, how do I make sure my backyard chickens stay healthy and happy?’ This is a question frequently asked to me by many starting poultry farmers. Thankfully, my experience in this industry provided me with right knowledge to answer such. Long ago, chickens […]

Why Use Roosting Bars in a Chicken Coop?

Why Use Roosting Bars in a Chicken Coop

Because most chicken coops for sale in Sydney come with roosting bars, my avid followers often ask me why these fixtures are important. Honestly, I didn’t have any idea about it until after my research and of course, after asking various experts. So in hopes of enlightening everyone about its uses and importance, I came […]

Useful Accessories for Your Chicken Coop


Does your chicken coop lack entertainment value for your flock? Or does it need some kind of modifications to make it look more alive and fun? Are you scared of spending your hard-earned cash for something Well, that issue is nothing new to most poultry farmers. But this does not mean you must panic. Nowadays, […]